Songs Transformed By The Unique Sound Of The Banjo

10 Songs Transformed By The Unique Sound Of The Banjo

Lizzie McGuire herself wrote this pop/folk piece, which talks about that tender honeymoon phase that every relationship lives, in collaboration with a couple of songwriters who wrote for One Direction. Here are ten songs transformed by the unique sound of the banjo.

#2 American Authors – Believer

This track is the debut single by the New York-based indie rock band. It is an optimistic and joyous song.

#3 Nelly Furtado – For?a

Talking about Nelly. The official theme of Euro 2004, held in Portugal, where its roots are from.

#4 Led Zeppelin – Gallows Pole

Jimmy Page, who is the one who plays the unique Sound of The Banjo (by the way), had the idea to cover this song of a popular blues theme; that is another way of saying that no one knows the original author.

#5 Madonna – Love Spent

Yes, the queen of pop, with her dance tendency, has a unique song of the banjo.

#6 The Muppets – Rainbow Connection

Although you may think that the Muppet movie is the wonder that came out in 2011, and you would not be wrong, the first was in 1979. Both versions featured easy banjo songs.?

#7 Mumford & Sons – The Cave

This song of hope and rebellion was the third single from this London folk band’s debut album in 2009.

#8 Matchbox Twenty – Unwell

The dramatic Rob Thomas wanted to give the banjo a vein-cutting touch. And this was the result.

#9 Bruce Springsteen – We Are Alive

Wrecking Ball, not the hit of Miley Cyrus, but the 2012 album by The Boss, carries this theme delivered to the banjo on its tracklist.

#10 Taylor Swift – Jump Then Fall?

You may have noticed that I avoided putting anything country like the plague, but I think TayTay can break the mold because she’s a pop diva now.

The banjo has shown that it can cross over from its original Bluegrass roots and has successfully made its way into mainstream pop/rock music.?