Space Saving Furniture for apartment

Space Saving Furniture for Your Apartment

Apartment living can be a challenge, and when rent rates are rising across the nation, it is becoming more common to downsize to a smaller home. Having an apartment with minimal square footage can really put a damper on your decorating bug. But, if you follow these tips for space saving furniture for your apartment, you can still make the most of the space you have.

Choose furniture pieces with more than one purpose.

The best examples of multi-purpose furniture are storage benches and ottomans. Benches and ottomans can be used in slim spaces unsuitable for a full size chair. They can also give you a small seat for a master bath. Choosing ones that also contain hidden storage gives you more ways to organize your belongings without too many shelves throughout the apartment.

You can also choose beds that have drawers, eliminating the need for a larger dresser. If there is a decent closet, a nightstand with one or two small drawers can also eliminate that need. Anywhere an item can pull double duty, give it the opportunity.

Making use of every available space

One of the biggest problems with apartments near Birmingham is that they have some oddly shaped spaces. Load bearing walls can create interesting floor layouts, while other considerations like plumbing and electrical systems may also create odd corners. When you already have a small space to work with, these irregularities can be especially frustrating.

Luckily, there are a myriad of furniture solutions to take advantage of every available space in your home, regardless of the shape. For living rooms or bedrooms with a small unused corner, look for a corner side table or corner curio cabinet to take up the space and provide you with another surface. For odd spaces near entryways, get an elegant or traditional coat rack to utilize the space effectively.

Floating shelving makes room for more furnishings

When you have limited space to work with, seating becomes a high priority. But you still have a myriad of collectables, table art, wall art, plants, and other items to display. Floating shelves are a great solution. These shelving units can hang on the wall above and between your furniture. It gives you a way to have some decor as well as some daily storage without taking up precious floor space.

In the bathroom, shelving that rests over the toilet can help give you space for towels and toiletries. Most apartment bathrooms have little if any available floor space, so floating or fitted shelves are a must. Floating shelves don?t work as well with the heavier items of the kitchen, but there are other shelving units and microwave stands that fit within a small space.

Additional ideas for studios

If you have a studio apartment, you have even less space to work with. It is best if you can get your furniture to pull double duty. Choosing a day bed or futon can be the best route if you need a space to work as both a living room and a bedroom. Choose storage benches or ottomans instead of accent chairs so that you have a place to store your belongings with minimal shelving or drawers.