Wood vs. Upholstered Restaurant Furniture

Wood vs. Upholstered Restaurant Furniture

Wood vs Upholstered furniture! Which is better?? When you go out to eat, you expect a certain level of comfort. This includes a few different aspects: is the wait staff nice, is the environment welcoming, and, is the furniture comfortable? All affect one?s dining experience, so it?s crucial that your restaurant is on top of it and can achieve a high level of comfort for your customers. While having a nice staff and a welcoming environment are essential, it?s also imperative to have comfortable seating. There are few things more annoying than trying to enjoy a nice meal, but being distracted with how uncomfortable your seat is.?

In order to get the best and most comfortable furniture, you need to make sure that you buy the best materials. When looking for commercial chairs, the best opinions are either wood or a cushioned, or even upholstered chairs.?

Both of these options are great and are sometimes even combined, with a cushion being used on top of a wooden frame. No matter if you have a cushion or not, there are clear advantages and disadvantages to either option.?

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Wooden Chairs:?

Pros: Wooden chairs are obviously great for many reasons. They are arguably the most classic restaurant furniture piece you can have, as they go with every aesthetic. Also, even without cushions, wooden chairs can be extremely comfortable. Usually the wood for these chairs is higher quality and it also has carved grooves in the seats, which almost act like a cushion. Additionally, having a high enough back on the chair, as well as armrests makes them even more cozy.?

Cons: In terms of comfort, wooden seats tend to be a hit-or-miss. Either they?re great or they?re uncomfortable after sitting in them for five minutes. In order to avoid this issue, adding a seat cushion is recommended. Usually these are built-in, which is also recommended. They require less maintenance than a stand-alone cushion. While they?re easier to maintain, they?re harder to replace if damage occurs, which means you have to buy a whole new chair.?

Upholstered Chairs:?

Pros: The most obvious positive aspect about an upholstered chair is the high level of comfort it has. You can upholster most of the chairs in your restaurant, so no matter where the guests sit, they?re going to be comfortable. The most popular upholstered chair is the restaurant booth. A customer favorite, the booth is almost always upholstered and cushioned for maximum comfort.?

In addition to their comfort level, upholstered chairs are also very stylish and versatile. Just like wood, they too can match everything, but since it?s simply a fabric that is covering these chairs, it can easily be reupholstered to match a new look. This is especially great if you like patterned fabric; being able to change with the trends can help keep your restaurant up to date.?

Cons: Despite the fact that most cushions are comfortable, sometimes the material used in restaurant cushioning is hard and uncomfortable. Obviously this is exactly the opposite of what it was intended to do. Another disadvantage of upholstered furniture is that it can get expensive to reupholster several chairs at once. A lot of this depends on the fabric used and the amount used to cover the chair or cushion, but it can become a bit expensive after a while.?

Regardless of your choice, the best way to see if a chair is comfortable is by testing it out yourself. If you don?t enjoy sitting on the one you chose, chances are neither will your customers.