Sour Patch Kids contest and giveaway

Sour Patch Kids is currently running a Facebook campaign that extends their promotion of Sour Patch Kids as little trouble makers that do “sour” things and then try to make up for it with a small, “sweet” gesture. It’s the case of The People vs Sour Patch Kids, and the trial’s playing out over Facebook.

If you visit their website, you can upload photos or videos of how you’ve been wronged by Sour Patch Kids and hope for a personalized video rebuttal from their lawyer.

To further promote the trial, they’re helping me give y’all the chance to win some Sour Patch Kids candies and t-shirts. To enter, leave a comment naming something sour or sweet that you’ve done recently. I’ll select my favorite sour comment and my favorite sweet comment to win, and an additional 3rd winner will be randomly selected from the remaining entries.

U.S. readers only, please, and make sure you leave a valid email address in the mail field (it will only be used to contact the winners). Contest closes at 11:59 PM EST on July 31st, 2012. Good luck!

  • Caley

    Thanks for the giveaway! I can’t think of a good sour thing, so I guess I have to go with sweet…I recently took the girl I mentor out to paint pottery at one of those places that provides the paint and equipment and then fires your pottery to set it. She painted a frog soap dispenser and had a great time!

  • Um, I bought my boyfriend groceries a few weeks ago because he is studying so much. That is sweet, I guess.

  • Sarah

    Decided to be sweet and make the Significant Other a gourmet meal. Israeli cous cous, fresh organic yellow squash, all along the side of apricot glazed pork chops (with Warhead SOUR freezer pops for dessert!!). The recipe called for apricot preserves, some honey, and some sugar. I grabbed the sugar container and poured and measured and added and mixed. “I’m a culinary genius” I thought to myself, sampling my luxurious fruity sauce. Yeah, sugar container my butt. I just added 4 TBSP worth of salt to some heated jam. What should’ve been a sweet meal became a salty story the hubby will hold over my head for a while. It’s the super sweet thought that counts, right? *sigh*

  • Amy

    I guess I did something sweet. I took my 10-year-old niece on a 3 hour hike that she had been begging to go on. We had a lot of fun and saw a lot of big beautiful birds gliding through the canyon.

  • Amy

    I did something sour also. I ate all of my husband’s sour Mamba while he was out of town. I really felt like I needed some candy, so I just ate it. I’ll try to replace it before he gets back…but I likely won’t.

  • Taylor

    I roasted marshmallows and ate them!:) Yum!

  • Taylor

    I roasted marshmallows and ate them!:) Yum!<3

  • Taylor

    Something sour that I did… I took a sour patch kid and a warhead, sprayed them with the warhead sour spray and shoved them both in my mouth. I couldnt talk for a week!

  • I “kidnapped” a good friend’s daughter (10 years old), who really looks up to me. I took her out to see Brave, out to dinner, and out for frozen yogurt. Then I let her pick out a whole bunch of DVDs at the video store and she stayed overnight. I even made her favorite dinner (bbq ribs) that night, and made her homemade waffles in the morning. I <3 that kid!

  • Lauren

    Sweet – Thaumatin

    Sour – Fluoroantimonic acid

    Day dreams count, right?

  • Margot C

    Sweet, Greg buying me a container of 17,000 ladybugs for my garden when he is in fact mystified by what on earth they are for.

  • Jack

    Sour: I choked on a fish bone, when I already had a sore throat 🙁

    Oh, and I found out that Target overcharged me for my Yoplait yogurt :/

    Sweet: I gave a homeless person my sourdough baguette for playing some amazing music :).