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Secure Your Privacy: Blocking Unwanted Contacts for Android

You can state countless reasons to block unwelcome contact on your phone. For instance, you may have uncomfortable issues with the one contacting you, or it’s a spam message from an unknown number. If you’re blocking the contact, you’re generally blocking everything that you may receive from the contact like calls and messages.

There’s an option to block unwanted contact from the Contacts app itself in a standard Android device. However, if your device doesn’t have that feature, there are numerous third-party apps that will let you do so. However, the app doesn’t permanently block the contact as it allows its user to unblock the contact when needed.

Blocking Through the Standard Contacts App

In an Android device, blocking unwanted contacts from messaging or calling you through the standard Contacts app is the most common method. Using this method to block text on android devices is typically helpful, especially when you already know the name and number, which is bothering you.

To successfully block a contact through the app, users must initially open the ‘Contacts’ app on their mobile devices. Open its settings and select the block option. Then, select the contact from the list whom you want to block. If the number you want to block is not in your contacts list, register the name and number first in your Contacts and then block it.

Blocking A Contact Through Your Carrier

Android users also have the option to block unwanted contacts through the use of their mobile carriers; however, it may vary from one carrier to another. Some carriers have international number-blocking features for various devices.

If you’re a subscriber of AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile, blocking contacts is as easy as following a few simple steps. Firstly, you need to go to your mobile carrier’s respective website. From there, you will find tabs or options that will allow you to block messages. If you’re having trouble doing so, you can always call your carrier’s customer service to help you with it.

Various Reasons to Block a Contact

There are many reasons as to why an individual would block a number on their device. There are others that send spam messages as a way to trick the receiver into giving up their personal details. The individual may be receiving weird and uncomfortable messages from an unknown person by getting your contact information from a public document.

There are also cyber threats that an individual can avoid by blocking unregistered contacts from reaching you. Aside from personal reasons, cyber threats may include phishing texts or death threats. In general, if you’re paranoid about unknown contacts, then that reason itself would motivate you to block unregistered numbers indefinitely.


There you go! A quick guide on how to block unwanted numbers to contact you. It’s common to have a known or unknown number contacting you, giving uncomfortable instances that would force you to block the number. Fortunately, various tools or programs available on the internet can help prevent unwanted contacts ever to reach you again.

Overall, it’s relatively easy to block a message, call, spam messages, or even group conversations with an Android device. While users can block contacts through the ‘Contacts’ app on their phones, there are also many third-party options with unique features.

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