PlayStation Remote Play

PlayStation Remote Play: A Brief Guide on How to Use it

The growth of remote technology over the past few years has been remarkable. With the introduction of consoles, it paved the way to a new form of entertainment. PlayStation 4 or PS4, in particular, is one of the best consoles to hit the market. Its many features are probably one of the many reasons why many users enjoy the console.?

Playing your favorite games anywhere you go is one of the best things that could do. But is it possible on a PS4? Well, the answer is yes, and that is through PlayStation Remote Play. This article will show you a brief on how to use the Remote Play to play your games where ever you are.?

What is PlayStation Remote Play?

Remote Play is a feature that allows your PlayStation to transmit audio and video to different devices for remote access. It was initially released for a PSP and a PS Vita. In 2014, the feature expanded, including smartphones, tablets, PlayStation TV, and PlayStation Now. Few years after that, it had another expansion to include Windows and macOS.?

Since PlayStation remote play is now compatible with Android and iOS devices. This also means that you can start a game on your console, pause the game, switch to a device with a Remotes Play app, and resume playing the game from where you paused it. This also means that you can start playing a game even if you are not at home.?

How to Use Remote Play on Mobile Devices

To start using the Remote Play app on your mobile devices, the first thing you should do to enjoy the feature is to enable the remote access on your PS4. To enable this, turn your PS4 on and go to the settings menu. Then, go to Remote Play Connection Settings and make sure that the ?Enabled Remote Play? option is ticked.?

Moreover, make sure to assign your PS4 as the ?Primary PS4? for your account to make the overall process easier. If you have done it already, good. But if you haven?t, go to settings, select the PSN account manage, and activate the ?Activate as Your Primary PS4? option. Now, to start syncing your mobile devices with your PS4, here are the simple steps:

  1. Download and install the Remote Play app on your mobile devices. The app can be downloaded from the Sony website or from the app store.?
  2. Turn your PS4 on and start the PS4 Remotes Play app on your Android or iOS mobile device.
  3. Log in with your PSN account and make sure you are using the same account on your PS4 and mobile device.?
  4. The app will then start the process of pairing your mobile phone with your PS4. Once that is done, you can now enjoy its features.?

Devices Compatible with PlayStation Remote Play

Android devices with a 5.0 firmware or higher are compatible with the Remote Play app. Devices with an Android 10 OS or higher can be used with DualShock 4 Controllers. For iOS users, devices with an iOS 12.1 update or higher are also compatible with the Remote Play app. If you have an iOS 13 update or higher, it can be used with a controller.


The features that Remotes Play offers are a new form of entertainment. If you?re an avid fan of video games, being able to play PS4 games where ever you go is probably one of the best things that you can do.