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Console Gaming with Mobile: Utilizing PS4’s Second Screen Feature

In recent years, smartphones have become a globally leading technology like PS4, making almost anything that can be utilized with a mobile device convenient and accessible. Ranging from entertainment all the way to communication features, the latest generation of smartphones can utilize programs that are usually done on a personal computer.

With Sony?s latest innovation, gamers and console enthusiasts can now utilize their smartphone devices to play their favorite titles while on the move. With PS4?s Second Screen application, players can make the most out of their console games regardless of wherever they are.

How To Set it All Up

Before doing anything else, to render the Second Screen feature usable, players should have a PSN (PlayStation Network) account first. If they don?t have one, users can conveniently create a new account for free, and it doesn?t require any credit card or bank details to be registered. Then, players can now fully utilize the PS4 second screen application and reap its benefits.

If you don?t know how to set it all up, don?t worry as we?ll be showing you how. To begin with, download the Second Screen app from either the Play Store or App Store. Then, open the app and continue with a name you want to register. Sign in to the system by using your recently created PSN account. Afterward, you can now sync the console to your mobile device.

Utilizing The App for PS4

Sony?s second screen application for PS4 offers its users various features and benefits. One of the best features that this app has is that it allows its players to browse through all of the content?s main menu and extra features. You don?t have to pause or exit the game as you can do it independently through the use of the app.

Furthermore, the second screen app can improve a gamer?s overall experience as the feature can render your mobile device into a secondary controller for the game. Not to mention that the feature can turn any compatible mobile device into an independent remote with the ?Remote Play? feature. Also, it can display extra information from your game to your device.

More Information About the Second Screen Application

In 2013, Sony released the PS4 second screen app in hopes of allowing players to utilize the features and reap the benefits of a more accessible and comfortable game features. Users of the application give the players the capability to control assorted features that the PS4 can give.

The second screen app provides features such as custom modification of their network, receiving important notifications, and seeing whoever is on your contact list is online. The app developers initially wanted to extend a player?s gaming experience to the mobile platform, and they have succeeded.

Takeaway for PS4

There you go, we?ve shown you to fully utilize PS4?s Second Screen feature with a smartphone device. Taking advantage of this feature can offer various benefits, such as allowing your smartphone to be used as a keyboard for chat, using it as a remote, and utilizing the device as a way of communicating with your audience when streaming. Other than that, the feature can be used in various mobile devices with Second Screen compatible game titles.