Secure Methods of Getting Temporary Tattoos

Getting Temporary Tattoos: Two Fast and Secure Methods

Most people want to get tattoos, but they don’t consider permanent tattoos; this is where getting temporary tattoos could be a good option to start. In the past few years, making your own temporary tattoo is easier than ever, and you may have all the supplies you need at home. 

After the outbreak of coronavirus, it is not safe for us to get a tattoo from any random tattoo salon. Moreover, the permanent body tattoos come with a greater risk as it comes with a number of skin problems. But nowadays those who want to get tattoos they have many more options to choose from. To learn about how to get a fake tattoo read the following methods. These methods are risk-free and don’t harm your skin. 

1. Getting Temporary Tattoos with a Sharpie 

Remember your childhood when we used to draw on your hands and arms with a pen well sharpie is a kind of adult version of your middle school body art. There are greater chances that you will have a Sharpie hidden somewhere even if it can be your junk drawer. This tool is way too helpful in making a temporary tattoo. It is the fastest and easiest process to get a perfect tattoo at home. Here is how to make a temporary tattoo with a tool in four easiest steps. 

  • For the first step, you need to create a temporary tattoos template. This will be as simple as taking a paper and carving out the shapes you want on your body with an X-Acto knife. 
  • For the second step, pick out a marker of your choice. Most people use permanent markers that are not safe to use on skin and also make sure to get non-toxic sharpie. 
  • For the third step, make sure to clean the area where you plan to draw your tattoo and dry it thoroughly. 
  • For the fourth step, apply your tattoo by holding the stencil tight against your skin. 

2. Make Temporary Tattoos With a Printer 

When you want a temporary tattoo close to the real thing, you will want to do it with a printer. This will be a great option if one is planning on giving away his/her tattoos as gifts. To learn about making temporary tattoos with a printer, read the following five steps. 

  • First of all, purchase a water slide paper. You might have remembered how it works? Stick the tattoo where you want on the skin and then soak it with water. 
  • You can design your tattoo. Scan your design or create something on Photoshop and then print it. 
  • After getting your print cut out them and make sure you are close to the actual design not to waste paper. Also, make sure you are not as close as it reduces the risk of snipping off. 
  • Apply your tattoo. For this wet your cotton ball or paper towel and press it on the paper slides with a temporary tattoo until it off your skin. 

All the temporary tattoos will disappear over time, but if one wants to speed up the removal process, rub alcohol to wipe it away.