Play Casino Games on Mobile Devices

How to Play Casino Games on Mobile Devices?

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you already know that a few years ago (July 2015 to be precise), there was a lucky winner who walked away with a whopping ?3.1 million jackpot from a progressive jackpot game – NetEnt’s Mega Fortune.

The news here is that the lucky winner played this game on the mobile device.? This multimillion pay-out remains the highest to have been paid out on a slot game to date.??

Over the last couple of years, mobile gaming seems to have gained traction, and a number of online gambling firms are already reporting good profits from mobile gambling.?

With the advancement in technology, the latest smartphones and tablets come fitted with more powerful features than what is available on most laptops and desktops. It is this power in the palm of a player?s palm that has seen many players abandon the traditional computers in favour of mobile devices.?

Mobile Gaming Vs Desktop Play

Over the years, mobile gaming has grown in leaps and bounds, and currently, mobile gaming seems to have pushed their PC and Mac counterparts to a far edge.?

First and foremost, a lot of smartphones come with a 5″ or 7″ screen for both the Android and iOS devices. Due to this size, game features are streamlined and easily adapted on the screen.?

Most of the background graphics are not visible, and the core features of the game are the only visible parts. With a mobile device, you can easily access the action buttons, while game rules and paytables can be easily accessed by swiping the screen.?

This convenience could be attributed to the rise in mobile gaming.?

Playing Mobile Casino Games

Depending on the casino, there are those that offer downloadable apps through the App Store, while a majority have their own dedicated native apps from their homepage.?

If a casino only offers an App via the app store, head there and download the software. Alternatively, if the casino requires that you download the app from their own website, then it would be prudent to check the settings on your mobile device, to ensure that the smartphone allows apps that are not coming from the app store.?

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Check for System Requirements

A majority of mobile slots are convertible with HTML5 and most of them will work pretty well with browsers that are available on your phone. However, in the case where a player is using Flash, then they will require the latest mobile version as well as a current Operating System.

Android 7.0 Nougat or iOS 10 (on iPhone 5 upwards) is the most recommended for the latest version of games.?

Additionally, ensure that your data package can cope with the heavy usage that is synonymous with gaming.?

Device Security & Auditing

The last thing that you want on your mobile device is viruses and malware. A lot of people only associate viruses with laptops and computers, but these are also very prevalent in mobile devices.

Installing security Apps like Avast on your mobile device will help increase its security while providing you with the peace of mind necessary to play online games.

Also, look out for online casinos that provide SSL security. This will ensure that your private information is safeguarded, and you can keep hackers at bay.??

eCOGRA and/or GLI logos are a good indication that the mobile game has some fairness in it since the random number generators have been independently audited to ensure players are on an equal playing ground.


Mobile gaming is a new revolution in the gaming industry.? You may enjoy the industry with the help of the latest App from the App Store, or even from the online casino itself. There are thousands of slot games as well as table games that are currently available, and many are convertible with the mobile phone.?

Online gaming has never been so easily accessible, and this has brought a lot of excitement to the industry.?