Casino Industry During 2020

Top 5 Biggest Changes in the Online Casino Industry During 2020

If you study the Polish casino gaming industry trends closely, you will notice how online casinos have evolved over the decades. Keep reading to find about the biggest changes in the Online Casino Industry During 2020.

Guest author Jacek Micha? Ski shares his thoughts on what will be the top 5 biggest challenges in the online casino industry in 2020.

The online casino industry in Poland is one of the few industries that wastes no time in responding to customer demands, implementing the latest gaming technologies and delivering innovative gaming experiences. As a result, we see something new every year and the future casino is sure to be something different from the present one.

Let us now look at some of the biggest changes in the Online Casino Industry During 2020.

Innovative Methods of Player Acquisition and Retention

Online casinos in Poland have to attract new players and retain existing ones to compete effectively and survive in the industry. Customer retention is possible only when online casinos understand their customers’ gambling habits well and use this knowledge to create a customized gambling experience for groups of customers exhibiting similar behaviour patterns. We saw this happening in the previous year.

Online casinos in Poland got better at analysing data related to consumer behaviour to understand the requirements of their customers better. They then implemented strategies such as customized bonus offers, free spins on popular games, wager-free bonuses, and much more to retain their customers’ interest and get new players.

Mobile Gambling Became More Popular

In 2020, we saw many gaming providers creating native mobile gaming apps for iOS and Android devices. If you visit and explore the best Polish online casinos in the industry, you will notice that most of them offer native mobile gaming apps for free. These apps guarantee the best possible gaming experience on tablets and smartphones.

The Polish online casino market is a prime example of this trend. While Polish players are always looking for casino online ranking to find good online casinos, they prefer to find online casinos that also allow them to play while on the move in Poland.

iGaming operators and gaming developers all over the world now focus on creating mobile-friendly casino website designs and software platforms that require no app download. This allowed mobile players to access their desktop casino gaming accounts on their portable devices and play their favourite games in their browsers without having to download native apps.

Cryptocurrencies A More Popular Payment Option

The year 2020 saw the emergence of two types of online casinos in Poland – cryptocurrency-only online casinos and traditional online casinos that introduced Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment options. When online casinos became cryptocurrency-friendly, they attracted several new players who appreciated the ease, convenience, transparency, speed, and anonymity that cryptocurrency payments offered.

Preference for Licensed and Regulated Online Casinos Increased

Players from Poland became more aware of the importance of casino gaming regulations last year. They now want online casinos that operate on valid gambling licenses and comply with the gambling regulations of their country. Players have learned to ignore unlicensed online casinos.

Online casino players can now access online casinos based in remote jurisdictions, something unheard of a few years ago. This has made the competition tougher. If a player is not satisfied with an online casino, he/she can easily find one that meets his/her expectations.

Live Dealer Games Become Better than Ever

Live casinos in Poland now deliver the most innovative gaming experiences. Live dealer software is better than ever although it took software providers several years to perfect it. Live gaming studios are highly sophisticated, closely resembling brick-and-mortar casinos. Live croupiers are well-trained and professional, and live casino players can interact with them exactly as if they are a land-based casino.

Last year, we saw online casinos introducing a brand-new feature to their live casino products – 4k resolution. This feature allows players to stream live casino gaming activities to large screens so that they can enjoy the best audio and video quality.

What’s more, AR and VR games began making an entry into the online casino gaming industry. The following year, they are expected to become very popular.

Support for Responsible Gambling

The year 2020 saw more players than ever signing up at Polish online casinos, forcing the industry to develop better responsible gambling policies. All licensed online casinos in Poland encourage their customers to gamble responsibly.

Player protection tools at online casinos are now better than ever. You can set daily, monthly, and weekly deposit limits, win/loss limits, and gaming session limits to control your casino spending. You can take a break or ask for a cooling-off period whenever you feel that you have been playing too much. If things get out of control, you can request self-exclusion.

Online casinos began making use of advanced algorithms to detect problem gambling behaviour patterns so that they could help customers in time.


These were the top five biggest challenges for online casinos in 2020 and most iGaming operators have done well even in the midst of all these challenges including the pandemic.

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