Are Penis Extenders Safe To Use

Are Penis Extenders Safe To Use?

When it comes to sex, many people seem to think that they are already experts. After all, it is an activity that is instinctual to all humans, right? Most of us would experience some sexual desire at some point in our lives. People who study the theory of evolution think that this is for the advancement of the species as you can read here. Without sexual need, our species would cease to survive, and humankind would be lost forever.

However, due to our complicated nature, we practice sex, not just for procreation. Only a man and woman can do that, although we now know that pleasure can also be a driving force. Based on many cultures and religions, this is such a preposterous notion that maligns our bodies’ holiness. On the other hand, modern interpretations believe that sex should be enjoyed as it is, and nothing can stop us from doing it.

The Premise Of Sexual Desire

The Premise Of Sexual Desire

Whether you are a man, woman, or anywhere in the spectrum, we all have ways of enjoying ourselves through sexual activity. Some believe that the “vanilla” way of doing it is enough, followed by more traditional coupling standards. Others tend to be more on the wild side, experimenting on the more carnal desires. Some like pain with their sexual proclivities, while others seize or let go of their control. As they say on the other side of the pond, whatever floats your boat can work quite well.

One thing can be considered universal when it comes to sex, though, and the men might relate to this more. You would want to have a more effective tool down there, don’t you? You can ask any man worldwide, and that is probably included in the top five things that they want in life. Unless they already pack a larger piece of meat, every virile male would like to have that between their legs.

Aiming For More Than Average

The average penis length all over the world when fully erect is around five inches. This is how big is a large penis. That sounds preposterous, as some of you might think, as porn has already told you that seven is the magic number. However, according to numerous studies, this face is based on a lot of empirical data, which includes medical records and statistical analysis. The concept that seven inches is the average length is probably due to porn, wherein the biggest always wins.

However, all of us already know that having a swinging set between your thighs is not a common occurrence. As you have already seen the average, most men would want something longer and probably wider than that. The girth might not be comfortable to improve, but length is still doable. With the use of extenders for penis, you can probably achieve a longer cock depending on various factors. However, one thing comes to mind: is this even safe?

A extender? for penis is like an exercise tool for your little Johnny down there. It is not to be confused with a penis pump, as this does only half of the job. You would have almost immediate results with the pump, but you can only use it once per session. We all know that for an excellent sexual romp, you would want to enjoy everything more than once. The extender is a mechanical device that can stretch your cock while it is still flaccid.

In this process, it makes sure that there would be room for more cells as the machine extends the length of your penis. It would be best if you had those extra cells to fill in the gaps and make sure that there is extra length to be achieved during the process. It is a slower process since you might need to wear a sleeve for long periods to ensure that the extension sticks into position. You do not want to end up with a deformed schlong after all of that effort like in this website:

It might take months before you can see any results. As the process is gradual, it is not like the penis pump that would disappear after all the activity is done. Penis extenders aim for a more permanent solution, even though the process is slower than anyone would want. ?Check proextender review so you’ll know that it is not as dangerous as the penis pump, wherein it is tempting just to let the machine go. However, this does not mean that you would not feel pain after all of this.

Penis extenders are safe to use as long as you know what you are doing. Remember, this is going on one of the most sensitive areas of the male body. One wrong pull of the sleeve and you would feel the pain more than ever. It is like pulling all your pubic hairs with packaging tape and letting an elephant step on your penis. No one wants to injure themselves, let alone through this device.

You need to consult a doctor first before going through this process. A urologist can help you if you are having issues with your reproductive or urinary system. Most of them might not agree with this process, but it is better than a surgical option. However, they would usually warn you about letting the extender on for a long time. In 24 hours, you may need to use it for more or less 12 hours as the pain might be unbearable as it stays on longer.

Adjustments &Choices

Adjustments &Choices

Meanwhile, you need to adjust to the discomfort of having this device. Urinating is not a problem as the device leaves it open. However, it can be quite challenging to masturbate since the pain of stretching might dissuade you. You may also need to swear off having sex while wearing it and a few hours after taking it off. It would help if you also cleaned that area regularly, while the extender should also be cleaned according to its package instructions.

For safety, it will always depend on how you use the product. Please don’t try to use it as a penis pump as it is not meant for instant growth. Also, it is crucial to make it tight enough that you are still comfortable. Using it too loosely would make it a worthless cause, and too close can cause a lot of pain. It can even end up damaging your penis permanently.

If the length of time for usage concerns you, it would be best to explore other options. You can go for a more herbal route, as many plants are considered an aphrodisiac. Some of them are used orally, while others can be applied directly to your organ (be careful of the opening).

Meanwhile, you can also go for the surgical option like in this link, but this is relatively more expensive. Also, the chances of success are relatively low, and most people who underwent the procedure may not have been satisfied with the results.

Having a massive tool is a blessing for men as it is said that they can pleasure their partners more. However, other people might not feel the same way. Nevertheless, it should not be a dealbreaker for relationships if the man does not have a considerable length. You can argue that it is essential in sex, but romance and relationships don’t need to rely on that stuff. It is up to you as a couple to see what you like, and having a big cock is just a bonus.