Organic Wine

Everything You Should Know About the Organic Wine Brand of Cameron Diaz

Avaline Wine, also known as Cameron Diaz Wine, has been around for less than a year, and it has already carved a name for itself as the world’s most delicious and organic brand of wine. Cameron Diaz’s wine is produced using completely organic and natural ingredients while maintaining complete transparency. This article provides an overview of everything you should know about the organic wine brand of Cameron Diaz.

The History

Cameron Diaz is a true oenophile — she loves drinking wine with her friends. She also cares about organic and natural living — everything she eats and drinks is organically grown and natural. Until recently, she assumed that all wines, especially organic wines, were inherently organic and natural because they’re essentially fermented grapes. However, she was truly shocked to realize that isn’t the case.

Generally speaking, most wines are produced using hundreds of unwanted additives, including chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, artificial colors, and animal by-products like a fish bladder. In fact, even organic wines use a wide range of unnecessary chemical additives because the wine industry is seriously unregulated. That means wine manufacturers can slap the “organic” label on any wine.

Horrified by this discovery, Cameron Diaz embarked on a tour of organic vineyards across Europe to learn about winemaking. Based on her discovery and learning, she produced Avaline while sourcing organic and natural grapes from vineyards across Europe. While Cameron Diaz brought passion into the project, her entrepreneur friend Katherine Power brought the business feasibility.

And that’s how Cameron Diaz Wine was born.

Organic Grapes

Avaline is produced using organically farmed and sourced grapes. This is the most important step in making clean and organic wine. Avaline is certified by several governing bodies, including the Competent Body of Catalonia and Bureau Veritas Certification. This ensures that the grapes used for Avaline are fermented to perfection without harsh synthetic pesticides.

The following is an overview of the organic grapes used for Avaline:

  • Grenache adds the stone fruit and tropical fruit flavors.
  • Cinsault adds the peachy cantaloupe color and cherry blend while keeping the alcohol low.
  • Caladoc adds the nectarine blossoms while contributing to a stunning color palette.
  • Syrah adds the peppery finish for a hint of spice.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon brings the flavors of grapefruit, spices, and red currants.
  • Xarel-lo adds a hint of sea spray and tangy lemon.
  • Macabeo adds the notes of peach blossom.
  • Malvasía adds the tropical fruit flavors.
  • Parellada adds the citrusy and crisp pear flavors.

No Unwanted Additives

Cameron Diaz Wine doesn’t include any unwanted additives, such as harsh pesticides, chemical compounds, and artificial colors, such as Mega Purple. It’s a vegan wine, so it’s not filtered through animal by-products, such as fish bladder. Furthermore, the sulfite level is kept below 100ppm per bottle — well below the legal standard of 350ppm.

Complete Transparency

Each bottle of Cameron Diaz’s wine features a large label that lists all the ingredients used in the vineyard, cellars, and every other stage in the wine production process. As such, you know exactly what you’re putting into your body — this also holds Avaline accountable.

The Wines

The Cameron Diaz Wine catalog currently includes Rosé, White, Red, and Sparkling. You can also get The Essentials, which includes a combination of the four wines mentioned above. The wines are available online or in special vendors.