Cloud Hosting Better than Shared Hosting

Web hosting: Is Cloud Hosting Better than Shared Hosting?

For your website to be accessible to the internet world, a web hosting solution is vital. It’s like your virtual space to keep all your files and data in one place with total security, management, and scalability. However, how do you select the perfect hosting solution suitable for the business? Is cloud web hosting better than shared web hosting?

The complexity of web hosting can be overwhelming, especially if you’re checking all the possible options. You might get lost and confused, but that’s normal, especially when choosing the right type of hosting solution. Shared hosting and cloud hosting are two popular options for every kind of digital entrepreneur. However, which one is recommended for who? Here’s a quick guide to help you start and never get confused.

Which is Better: Cloud Web Hosting or Shared Web Hosting?

A business website is all about the brand, product, or services, and everything about your business, which significantly impacts your success. With several hosting solutions available for business, providing the best one varies to your website’s needs. Whether you go for shared hosting or virtual private server or cloud hosting, it changes to its preference.

There are essential factors that you should never overlook when checking for a web host provider. Above all, reviews, honest insights, or feedback from top-rated and underrated hosting providers enable you to have a complete overview of the services offered. For example, Hosting Foundry’s review about the best hosting provider that offers both VPS and shared hosting solutions enables you to check security, performance, scalability, etc.

Shared hosting and cloud hosting have significant distinctions in server solutions, performances, and price.

These hosting types are tied to similar levels that provide fundamental hosting functions with totally different methods. While others may tag shared hosting as better than VPS hosting, it boils down to business preference and individual needs.

Shared hosting can be a cost-efficient hosting solution, but cloud or VPS hosting has better security. Perfect hosting solutions vary on your budget and how much traffic you expect to generate. Once you’ve checked your priorities and set your expectations, you can easily weigh which option is an excellent decision.

Furthermore, let’s get to know both hosting solutions, their benefits, setbacks, and which one is best used for who.

Cloud Hosting Facts

Cloud hosting enables you to use multiple server resources than sharing a single server resource with other websites like shared hosting. VPS or cloud hosting offers unlimited expansion and is best used for websites that expect higher traffic volume. It provides excellent security for the traffic that your website generates.

What is Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting solutions are the cheapest type of hosting and is the most popular type of website server hosting. Multiple websites share server resources. Every user has a limited amount of disk storage and bandwidth. However, you can place as many websites into the server as you prefer.

Cloud Vs. Shared Web Hosting: Differences Outlines

While there are similarities and differences in both solutions, these hosting services’ efficiency varies per individual and website needs.

  • Shared hosting is an affordable option and is ideal for small or businesses that are just starting, and the budget for a web host is still limited.
  • Shared hosting is easy to use, navigate, and has fewer management features as your host provider does most maintenance.
  • Cloud hosting is ideal for websites that expect to generate considerable traffic volume or visits and in need of high-end security features.
  • Cloud hosting or VPS hosting is best for eCommerce businesses or those with high traffic generations.
  • Cloud web hosting is more pricey than shared hosting due to its scalability, performance, and security.


When it comes to choosing whether you’ll go for shared hosting or cloud hosting, it’s vital to check your needs to determine which one suits you best. Cloud hosting is far better when dealing with high traffic volume and offers better protection and security. If you’re a start-up business and budget is an issue, you can go after shared hosting. Once you’ve grown your business, you can upgrade to cloud hosting.