a travel humidor

Is a travel humidor necessary for you?

You’ll have to travel using cigars at some point. Traveling with cigars needs more than just placing them in a plastic baggie and praying for the best, whether it’s for a dear friend’s destination wedding or picking up a few smokes at a specialist shop on even a business trip. You can risk injury other than squishing or breaking. a travel humidor-

Cigars are sensitive, even if they can withstand controlled ageing. Changes in their environments have an immediate impact on them. Molding, drying, and cracking of the tobacco can be caused by humidity and temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, sunshine can harm tobacco plants or induce the greenhouse effect. We understand all of this, which is why you invest in high-quality humidors.

What about while you’re on the road? You have a couple of choices. Travel humidors and cases can help keep your cigars safe while on the road. Some cigar connoisseurs even bring their desktop humidors on vacation. Even so, your cigarettes, humidor, or traveling humidor will be subjected to a great deal of change. When travelling with cigars, there are a few things you should know and do.


The top focus for cigars when travelling by land and air isn’t so much the mode of transportation as it is the journey itself. It all has to do with location.

When users step off an aeroplane and onto the jetway on your direction to the terminal, the difference in climate is immediately apparent–especially if your location is particularly hot or cold, humid or dry. If your nose starts to dry out and you wake up in pain throat the next day, you may notice the changes in your breathing.

While planes, railways, and autos allow us to travel long distances in a short period of time, the transformation in geographic location can be significant, especially for cigars as humidity varies.


Desktop humidors have applications outside of the home. You can alter them for traveling in a pinch because they’re tiny and lightweight–especially if you’re travelling by car, bus, vehicle, or truck. However, if you opt to inspect a humidor, your situation becomes even more problematic.

Humidor humidity varies dramatically depending on the environment. This includes geographical information. Seasons and weather are also included. Your humidor will adapt whenever you travel and expose it to a drastically variable relative humidity and temperature. During this period, keep an eye on the readings on your digital or analogue hygrometer. If you want to spend a long period at your destination, you may need to season and adjust your humidor, which may include lowering humidity levels.


When travelling, a portable humidor is the greatest all-around alternative. These maintain your cigars as near to home humidor values as feasible, especially when flying. Travel humidors are designed to be portable: they’re tough to avoid physical damage, small enough to fit in checked luggage or a carry-on bag, and suitable with disposable humidifying accessories like humidor packs.


A protective case is included in almost all travel cases. From lightweight leather “finger cases” that hold a few of cigars to locked-and-loaded, impenetrable vault-like instances that are typically waterproof and airtight, the range is extensive. The larger the humidor, more and more protection it provides–but this sacrifices some of the benefits of portability.