resign from a job

How to resign from a job remotely

While there are many advantages of having a job like regular salary and other compensation, many people wish to resign from their job for multiple reasons. Often the employee has found a better job with a higher salary or improved working conditions in a larger company. In other cases, the employee wishes to take a break from his hectic routine, for personal reasons to look after family members, take a long holiday, or for medical treatment. Earlier most employees were working in the business premises, so the process of resignation was simpler, the employee only had to contact his boss with his resignation letter. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, more people are working remotely and they would like to find out how to resign from their jobs in these conditions. To help these employees get detailed information on the right procedure for resigning from jobs remotely is provided.

Finalize details of resignation.

The experience of the remote worker will typically include both the office and remote jobs that he has done, so it is advisable to maintain good relationships with the employer even after resignation. Hence it is important to finalize all the details of the resignation like the reason why he is leaving the job, the last date the employee can work for his current employer, and contact information. The employee should express gratitude for the opportunity given to work for the company, and also finalize a plan to train others to take over his responsibilities so that the functioning of the organization is not affected.

Discuss the matter with the boss

After finalizing all the details of the resignation, it is advisable to first discuss the matter with the immediate boss or manager to whom the employee is reporting on the phone or video calls. The employee should ensure that the internet connection or phone line he plans to use is reliable, there is no disturbance. It is advisable to spend time rehearsing what the employee plans to say so that there is no confusion later. Depending on the job profile and competence of the employee, the boss may try to persuade the employee to stay, offering a higher salary or other bonuses. In other cases, the boss may request the employee to modify the resignation plan to some extent, especially if the business is facing a staff shortage or similar problems. Depending on his future plans and relationship with the boss, the employee may or may not agree to the request of his boss or seniors.


Email the resignation letter

In some cases, the employee may have to make some changes in the resignation letter when deciding to resign from a job , after talking to his boss but in most cases, the employee should email his manager his resignation, to get an acknowledgment that the email has been delivered and opened. In most cases, the manager will forward the email to the human resources (HR) department which will then reply to the email and complete the process of terminating the employee. The employee will be then informed of the terms and conditions after his resignation is formally accepted.