Red Rose Bouquet

How to Keep Your Red Rose Bouquet Fresh for Long

A bouquet of roses is a beautiful thing to behold. It can be a good reminder of a good gesture of friendship and romance. When you care for your roses well, they can stay fresh for a long time to make you enjoy their beautiful look for a week or more. The best way to keep your fresh for a long time is to condition them as soon as you receive them. The following are some tips to help you keep your bouquet looking fresh and beautiful for a long time.

Trim Your Stems

The flowers will take time from the time they are cut and bundled together to the time they reach you, and for that reason, their stems will have started to dry. Since you want them to stay for long, you will have to water them, but they cannot drink from dry stems. Therefore, trimming the stems of your red rose bouquet opens them to take in water and hydrate themselves. That is the only way to remain fresh and healthy for a long time.

Keep them in a Clean Vase.

Once you receive your roses, make sure that you keep them in a clean vase so that they do not harbor bacteria, as that can cause them to deteriorate. It is advisable to rinse your vase with clean water mixed with some baking soda before placing your red rose bouquet in it. It will remove any dirt from the vase and any built-in residue that can encourage the growth of bacteria.

Prune Away Some Leaves

The best thing is to keep the leaves above the waterline as anything below will make the water-dirt and cause the flowers to deteriorate. The water that your red rose bouquet is drinking should be spotless if you want them to remain healthy and attractive. That way, you will be sure they will not fade away fast.

Take off Your Rose?s Guard Petals

Look at your roses to see if you can find some bruised-looking petals. These guard petals act like bubble wrap protecting the inner rose petals en route to you. You can easily remove them and leave the petals open to bloom well. By removing the unwanted petals and leaves, you give the rose enough space to bloom before placing them in the vase with water.

Change Your Water Regularly

It is essential to ensure that your water is always clean by changing it every two days. Also, make sure you add some adequately mixed flower food to the water to feed the flowers. Most Florists will hand over the red rose bouquet with flower food if you do not have that, you can add some lemon-lime water as a substitute for flower food.

Keep in a Cool Place

Make sure you place your flower vase in a cool place or even in a fridge to avoid dehydrating the flowers. Exposing them to warmth will speed up their drying process.

Taking good care of your bouquet is the best way to give your flowers a long life and enjoy beholding their beauty every time you come home from your busy day. Beautiful flowers add beauty and life to your home.