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How to Impress a Ukrainian Girl — Top 10 Tips for Western Man

Ukrainian women are not only beautiful and charming, but also caring and family-oriented. While Slavic beauties have high standards, they are also easy-going, receptive, and very open to foreigners. If you do not know where to start, our guide will help you find your soulmate and build a long-term relationship with a Ukrainian Girl.

Where to Find a Ukrainian girl? 

Online services make dating Ukrainian women easier, eliminating the need for expensive trips. A marriage broker will provide thousands of profiles with detailed filtering options and professional guidance. You can strike up a conversation via chat, build a deeper connection through video, and arrange an offline date! Follow these tips to make a positive impression.

1. Don’t overdo it

First and foremost, be yourself. Do not try to play a fictional character. Slavic girls can see through false pretenses, and they hate posers. Ukrainians are a genuine and sincere nation, the opposite of the “fake it till you make it” mentality. Secondly, as your relationship develops, your potential bride will see the real you anyway. 

2. Initiate the dialogue

Ukrainian women are very different from Western women, as they do not like to take initiative in online dating. Be the first to strike up a conversation. Text the woman you like and maintain a positive tone. 

Ukrainian women may play hard to get, but this is just a pretense. In reality, they long for true romance and want to build a strong family. 

Ukrainian women don’t mind joyful banter and good jokes. Keep them friendly and romantic. Tease her a bit! Do not be afraid to show your sense of humor, but never laugh at your potential bride. 

3. Show your natural talents

Despite persistent stereotypes, most Ukrainian girls are not obsessed with money and material possessions. They value simple things in life and appreciate the attention. For them, charisma and self-respect are more important than material things.

Express your personality. Tell her about your passions and sources of inspiration. Show what makes you unique to make her heart melt. Being a little quirky is perfectly acceptable. Slavic women appreciate eccentricity and extraordinary talents in men, as their male compatriots are just too conventional.

4. Surprise her with unusual gifts

As we have mentioned, Ukrainian girls do not expect to be presented with yachts or apartments. Buying a classy bouquet over roses for the first date is enough. Subsequently, impress her with small surprises with or without an occasion. Spice up your relationships with an element of spontaneity.

5. Plan your dates in advance

Do not ask your potential girlfriend to arrange a date. Ukrainian ladies want to see men who can take responsibility for small and big decisions in life. They need a shoulder to lean on. Take the male role in your relationship and plan carefully. Most Slavic women are rather conservative in this regard.

6. Be protective

Show that you can protect your second half in any situation. Ukrainian women are looking for protection and reliability. Show that her safety and happiness are your priorities.

Ukrainian Girl

7. Get to know a Ukrainian Girl

Study the profile of your potential bride carefully. Pay attention to her interests, hobbies, aspirations, and occupation. Show that you understand her preferences and consider them. Ask more questions about things that inspire her, such as her favorite places, dishes, or family activities.

If you want to impress your wife-to-be, get to know her family and friends, too. Do not ignore her close circle — otherwise, she may doubt your intentions. Do your best to make a positive impression on these people, too. 

8. Don’t be a cheapskate

Ukrainian women find joy in simple things, but they still have high standards and expect to be treated with respect. There is no excuse for being a cheapskate. When arranging your girlfriend’s transportation, accommodation, holiday gifts, trips, prioritize their comfort and safety. 

9. Keep tabs on her

No, we do not recommend that you bombard women with unwarranted messages. Ukrainian ladies don’t want to feel stalked, but they like attention within reasonable limits. Compliment your girl on her appearance, show an active interest in what she did yesterday or her plans for the following weekend.

10. Be direct

To avoid cultural misunderstandings, express your thoughts clearly and directly. The easier the delivery, the better you will understand each other. Be open and help your girlfriend understand you. Although many Slavic women speak English well, some subtleties are purely cultural.

Do not be afraid to bring up the subject of marriage and your life together. Such conversations will show that you have serious intentions. If you are on a mail-order site, you can be sure these discussions will not scare your candidates away. Ukrainian women are attracted to men with serious intentions.