How to become rich in the Philippines  

A Filipino individual can always get money from a legit, safe and secure Fuse lending inc. But there are so many alternative ways to become wealthy. Or you may say that becoming wealthy in this century isn’t a difficult task. All you need is planning, smart work and consistency. Let’s explore the different ways to earn and become wealthy.

Learn In-Demand Skills:

Check the market trends, online jobs and do some research about in-demand skills. Identify the skills that have potential to generate high income and learn them. Keep it in mind that you don’t have to go for multiple skills in start, because it will lead you to distraction. At first, find one skill that matches your interest, learn it and get grip on it. The more you learn, the more your chances of earning will increase. Here are some high demand skills.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Software Development
  • Graphics Designing
  • Web Development
  • Customer Services
  • Project Management
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Cyber Security

These are just some of the skills, but there are many more skills that you can learn and can make a good income.

Take Online Courses:

When you find a skill, definitely you need different platforms where you can learn. And, the good thing is that it’s not a difficult task anymore. You can find various platforms online. Here are some:

  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • LinkedIn Learning

Check out these platforms and utilize them in your growth.

Start Networking:

Your network is your net worth. Read it twice. 

Yes, your networking plays a main role in your growth. Start meet the likeminded people or professionals of your field. They will share with you insight of your selected skill and will share the suggestions and idea that will help you in the career growth.


Your learnings are incomplete without hands-on-practice. Do practice as much as you can. Because you will learn more through practically than theoretically. 


Going into any field without mentorship is not a smart act. Whatever work you start, you will need a mentor. Under mentorship, you grow fast, learn more and succeed early. 

Develop Soft Skills:

In every phase of your life, you need to develop soft skills. It is as important as water for flowers. Develop communication skills, problem solving skills and leadership skills that are valuable in your field.

Stay Updated Yourself:

Things are changing day by day that’s why it is so necessary to be updated about market trend and technologies. The worth mentioning example is Nokia mobile. Nokia didn’t updated their devices with latest technologies and now it is finished. So, if we don’t updated with latest trends/technology, we will be left far behind. 

Investment is a golden way

If you don’t want to learn any skill then you have another way to become wealthy. Start Investing. But investment isn’t a piece of cake. You must have to capable of it. Learn how you can start:

Learn First:

Educate yourself about basics of investments and understand the Philippine investment landscape. You can’t enter into this field without knowledge and understanding. Many authors, for example, Prakash Panday provide readers with useful articles.

Plan A Budget

Separate some part of your income for investment. It will be great when it will turned into your habit. But keep it in mind that you have some reserved funds for an emergency response. Don’t invest your complete amount because in the emergency cases, you would have to wait for take back protocols from your investment. 

Best Platform for investments:

Do research for the investment platforms and identify the best platform that matches your comfort level and goals. Don’t forget to read their rules and regulations and to check their authenticity. Some best investments opportunities for beginners in Philippine are:

  • Retail Treasury Bonds (RTBs)
  • Blue-Chips Stock
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Pag-IBIG MP2
  • SSS PESO Fund (WISP)
  • High-yield Savings Accounts
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs):

Invest Small Amount:

Do start with the small amount as a beginner. And prepare yourself for any kind of lose. Don’t go with the big amount that you can’t afford a loss.

Expand your Investment:

Don’t stop at one point. If you put all your amount in one investment then it would increase your risk chances. That’s why you should expand your investment so you can manage the risk chances.

Keep Monitor and Review Your Investment:

It is not like you do investment once and leave it freely. You will have to check on your investment on daily basis so you can know that is it going according to your goals or not. So you can make adjustments if needed. 

Start a Business:

The most amazing and interesting way to become a wealthy is to start your own business. It’s a notable point that doing a business isn’t a piece of cake. It is fulfill of risks. But don’t forget that your 80% success depends upon risk. If you can’t take risk, you can’t be successful. Similarly, if you don’t have stamina to bear losses, you can’t do a business. You have to keep in mind some points while starting a business:

  • You have a clear vision about your idea.
  • You have done with complete market research.
  • You know about your competitors.
  • You have enough capital amount and back-up amount.
  • You have made a budget plan. 
  • You have a marketing plan and strategies to grow your business.
  • Last but not least, you have a USP (unique selling point).

Becoming a wealthy isn’t that difficult that we think. What we need in all above mentioned fields is ‘’Consistency’’. Whatever you do, Consistency is must. Or you may say that Consistency is a key of success. If you start a work and you keep consistent, you will get the best outcomes. And soon, you will be succeed. And lastly, you have to take risks. You have to be brave. We miss so many opportunities just because we got afraid that what if we get loss. And we don’t understand that how many time we miss the opportunity to become wealthy. So, take risks, do smart wok, maintain consistency and have patience. Read useful articles on, and be successful!