Home Improvements You Might Like to Tick Off Your To-Do List with Your Tax Refund

Home Improvements You Might Like to Tick Off Your To-Do List with Your Tax Refund

If you want to make some changes around your home but don’t feel you have the finances to do so, one tactic you can consider is waiting until you get your next tax refund and then using the funds in your place. You can even use an online tax refund calculator to estimate your refund ahead of time, giving you ample time to weigh your options. If this sounds appealing, here are some ways you might like to refresh your property when the time comes.

Hire an Interior Designer

For those keen to make some changes to a home but unsure what to do or how, one of the best investments may be hiring an interior designer or another expert, such as a landscape gardener. Specialists can give you ideas on how to remodel your home in the best ways possible to add value and get the best return on your investment. 

They can also provide ideas for designing your home inside or out, suggesting color palettes, product choices, where to situate items in a space, and much more. Rather than muddling along on your own for a while and making choices that you later regret or that end up being a waste of money, it’s worth hiring an expert who can point you in the right direction.

Install HVAC

Is the fact that it’s summer and you may be sweltering making you think it’s finally time to outlay some money to update or install proper heating and cooling solutions? If so, your tax refund check might be able to help you make this desire a reality. A decent HVAC system will not only make you and the rest of your household happier and more comfortable but can add value to your property, too. 

Think about if you want ducted heating and cooling throughout your home or, if your budget is more limited, to install one reverse-cycle air conditioner in the central part of your home, such as the lounge, and perhaps add a second, smaller unit in the main bedroom. Look into capacity, how programmable options are, the maintenance required of different products, noise and efficiency levels, and price. 

Replace Your Water Heater

On the other hand, perhaps you need to put your tax refund towards replacing your water heater. If the current heater is old and has been playing up in recent months, it’s likely on the way out, and the last thing you want is for it to suddenly go bust and leave you with no heated water for a period. Get some quotes from plumbers or other contractors who source and install these products. 

First, though, you need to have an idea of what you want to buy. There are various types of water heaters on the market to consider. As such, compare factors such as energy efficiency, size, fuel source, costs (including installation), and heater type. Different products work for different needs, so do your research to understand what might suit your household and budget best. 

Buy a New Bed Set

We spend around a third of our lives sleeping, plus we hang out in our bedrooms to rest, relax, get dressed, and more. Our bedrooms are a crucial part of the home and worth upgrading if we have some tax refund money burning a hole in our pockets. In particular, since sleep is so vital, you might like to buy a new bed set. You could purchase a matching bed frame, bedside tables, and chest of drawers and then pick out a comfortable mattress to put on top.Home Improvements You Might Like to Tick Off Your To-Do List with Your Tax Refund

There are many options on the market these days, so learn about the different types and lay on them to see what feels right to you. Many people enjoy sleeping on a quality latex mattress that’s quite soft, plush, and enveloping, while inner-spring, memory foam, and hybrid products are also popular. 

Regardless of the materials and style you opt for, be sure to pick a mattress that suits the size of the space you have available, is the level of firmness or softness you desire, and suits your sleeping style, such as stomach, side, or back. While you’re at it, pick up a new pillow to support your neck, back, and shoulders appropriately. Pillows wear out over time and should be replaced every year or so. 

These are just some ways to improve your home with the money you get back from tax. Looking for other ideas? Why not consider building a deck, painting your property, updating light fixtures, or putting in an outdoor kitchen or a fire pit? You might also buy some smart home gear, install a new fence or an electric gate, or replace old, noisy garage doors with new, quiet, electric ones. Check out cedarmountainfence.com if you are considering installing a high-quality cedar wooden fence. Alternatively, invest the money into upgrading your bathroom or kitchen. 

The choices are endless so take your time working out how to spend the money and ensure you do so on projects you’ll be happy to have completed when you look back in a few years.