Holiday Hershey Kisses

These holiday Hershey Kisses, Mint Truffle and Candy Cane, have been around for a while, but I’ve never reviewed them before. They were out at an event that I attended, so I slipped a few into my pockets to write about later.

The Mint Truffle Kisses came wrapped in green foil with little snowflakes. The center was an unnaturally bright sea green, while the outer shell was chocolate.

It tasted similar to an Andes mint. The mint flavor was strong, fresh, and effervescent while the milk chocolate had a sour finish. Ahh, Hershey’s signature flavor profile… An OM.

The Candy Cane Kiss’s wrapper was silver with little red canes. The Kiss itself had a red and white striped outside. The inside was solid white chocolate flecked with little dots of red nonpareil.

The white chocolate was quite sweet with a milky sourness that was especially strong in the finish. There was a light milky dairy flavor to it, but it mostly tasted of meh quality white chocolate with a hint of peppermintiness.

I enjoyed the textural contrast of the nonpareils – they brought a great crunch – but I was not a fan of the white chocolate, so this gets an O.

All in all, not bad for holiday-specific treats and definitely tastier and more interesting than the originals!