Hershey’s Kiss – Air Delight

This Hershey’s Kiss Air Delight is the newest addition to the Hershey Kiss line-up. It’s basically aerated chocolate in Hershey Kiss form.

I was a total sucker for the packaging here – I loved the retro polka dotted look of the wrapper. The Kiss itself looked like a normal Kiss until I bit into it.

The inside, as expected, contained a network of bubbles. They weren’t as neatly spherical as those of other aerated chocolates that I’ve reviewed and photographed.

The chocolate of this Kiss had a soft, instant compression. It just squished in my mouth before yielding a thick melt that coated my mouth. I didn’t notice the aeration beyond the squish factor and an overall lightening of the Kiss.

The flavor was classic Hershey’s: mild cocoa with a slight sour tinge. It was a fun take on the classic Kiss but not unique enough for me to want to just buy them for their own sake. An O.

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