Guilt-Free Healthy Cookies

Try These 8 Guilt-Free Healthy Cookies for your Cookie Swap

Food is something that we all crave for any time and every time, in any situation. Now, it is not possible for every time to grab a whole meal (though we can, of course, manage to eat!), but for the munchkins, we are always ready. One of these munchkins in the cookies. As cookies have some calorie issues, it might make us guilty to have it. But you do not need to worry anymore. Here are these new guilt-free healthy cookies for your Cookie Swaps. They will make you enjoy cookies without any hesitation.?

1) Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

We always crave for tastes which are tasty as well as healthy. Now, Guilt-Free Healthy Cookies carry some calories and trans-fat which gives us some dilemma before consumption. Though we successfully overcome the second thought, still it happens all the time. Now, these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are healthy and tasty. Though it requires two sticks of butter, equally the dough is capable of making 60 cookies. So, each cookie contains 100 grams of calories and also some efficient Vitamin A from the pumpkin. No guilt feelings anymore.?

2) Almond Blueberry Cookies

Cookies are fun food. It always makes our mood light and enjoys. But, apart from stress-busting, it is an important appetite suppressor as well. Now, one good thing about cookies is that it can be of various types; some of them are of no health productive. Yet, most of them are healthy and tasty. Blueberry is a seasonal fruit that is tasty, but limited in freshness with time. But they are available in frozen form as well. All you need is to drain the blueberries well. Almond and blueberry are a great combination for cookies which is very healthy and tasty as well.?

3) Chocolate-Hazelnut Cookie Drops

Multigrain any food is very healthy; they provide a huge amount of protein and vitamin. Having some of those left-out grains will not go in vain. You can make these delicious cookies with them. Chocolate is for the taste and hazelnut is for the exclusive coating. And this needs the least amount of ingredients- just half a cup of every ingredient and you can make at least 40 cookies from them. You can store it in a glass jar and enjoy in your lonely time; or even any time of the day. As you wish!?

4) Oatmeal Pistachio Cookies

Whenever we think of something tasty as well as healthy, the fitness maestros never miss to include one ingredient- the oatmeal. Oatmeal might not taste that good when consumed alone. But you can make it tasty by adding some other proteins like any kind of nuts. Pistachios are gluten-free and it gives a beautiful texture to the cookies. If you want to give it a Christmas essence, then you can add some cherry pieces as well. This cookie is an obsession during the summer days. You can order cookie gift baskets online including this cookie for a summer occasion.?

5) Fruitcake Cookies

Among all the bakery recipes, one thing that is more seasonal than occasional is the fruit cake. The easiest recipe in the world that is tasty and healthy at the same time. Now, if you are a creative chef, then you can give this age-old recipe a new shape and name. You can mix the important ingredients and give the same taste in a different shape. You can turn it into healthy and tasty cookies and enjoy it for a longer period. A cookie jar is the ultimate stress-buster, especially when you are living alone.?

6) Green Tea Cookies

When it comes to taste, green tea is the bottom of the least. But it is just the opposite when it comes to health. But, you can make green tea taste as well, if you add some more ingredients to it and give it the shape of the cookies. Add some chocolate powder, vanilla powder and Matcha powder will give it a beautiful look as well as taste. This cookie will be completely rich in anti-oxidants. This is one of the best healthy cookie?s ideas.

7) Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies

This cookie might take a little more time to spell; it also sounds different. But there is one guarantee- it tastes amazing. It takes the simple ingredients for a standard chocolate chip cookie. To give it a new flavor, all you need is to put a Zucchini or two cups of grated zucchini. Chocolate chips are the one that gives the essence in the mouth. When you put the cookie inside of your mouth and it starts to melt and the zucchini spreads the essence. It is a very easy recipe that will never put you in a second thought before consumption as it has no fat in it.?

8) Vegan Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

There are people among us who want to keep it simple; they are not okay with animal proteins. This particular cookie is a delight for the vegans. All you need is pumpkin and sugar batted proportionately and baked them. It is a little difficult to make at home, so a better option is an online cake shop. Gourmet is a brand that makes this cookie the best. So, for your abroad vegan friend, you can choose online sites to get these Gourmet cookies delivered to USA.?

When you are enjoying the Guilt-Free Healthy Cookies, you should never have a second thought. Above are the guilt-free cookies you can eat as much.?