Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Everything you need to know about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Everybody once in their lifetime or say in childhood gets themselves burnt by mistake. Children especially play recklessly and get burnt by the stove or hot iron or hot water etc. We all know how painful the experience can be. Our human body is made beautifully in such a way that it has tremendous healing powers of its own. Most wounds or ailments can be healed over time naturally. But the healing process may take a certain time or even longer than you would expect. So for serious wounds, humans have invented a magical process which is known as ‘Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. 




Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can cure numerous serious health conditions like injuries due to radiation or severe burns, brain abscess, tissue destroying infections and many more non-healing wounds. There are so many places where you can easily get hyperbaric oxygen therapy in London. 


The best thing about this magical therapy is that it is a non-invasive method that requires absolutely no needles and zero incisions. All you have to do is just lie down and let your body enter the hyperbaric chamber in London’s specialized clinics or hospitals. The hyperbaric chamber looks a bit like a spaceship but nothing to worry about. This therapy will only do good to your wounds or medical conditions. 


If you are that person who is suffering from diabetes-related wounds then let us tell you hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the thing you need to go for right now. As any harmless wound may turn ten times more complicated for a diabetic patient. Any such wound in a person suffering from diabetes should be taken seriously and treated carefully. Especially if you have any foot wounds, those are more likely to get swelled and immobilized which can hamper the healing process. Moreover, nerve damage and calluses like issues are very common amongst diabetic people which makes the feet more vulnerable to injury than that of a normal person. Such wounds create a bigger problem in future for the patient so they must be treated well and on time through hyperbaric oxygen therapy in London. 


The hyperbaric chamber adds air pressure and concentrates the delivery of oxygen onto the targeted wounded areas. The high amount of oxygen regulates the healing power of the mitochondria present in the cells which give it the required energy to heal the wound. This therapy also pulls the stem cells (the healing cells) to the wounded area. To fasten the healing process. 


Convenience Features


Being inside the hyperbaric chamber is quite similar to relaxing in your own bed, the only fact different from your bed is that the chamber is a glass cylinder. You may feel a little weird at first as you are in a closed chamber but it gets normal once you are relaxed. In some good hospitals, the hyperbaric chamber in London also has television outside of the chamber so that one can pass their time by enjoying some movies or shows on television while they are inside the chamber. It makes the patient relax and enjoy the whole process calmly.