Easy Dinner Recipes for Family: Best Indian Dishes to Try

Coming up with the most appropriate menu for your family can be a messy affair. Not everyone in your family has the same taste and likes the same kind of food. While someone may be craving some rice dish, someone else may be looking forward to having some other recipe. If you are in charge of the household’s kitchen, there may be times that you have wished that you knew the easiest recipes to satiate and satisfy the whole family. This article shares some of the most satisfying and easy dinner recipes for family, which will fill them up and leave them asking for more. These dishes are effortless to make, so they will help save a lot of effort! Read on to find out.

Easy dinner recipes for family

Family members bond with one another at the dining table, over a sumptuous meal. If the meal isn’t appealing enough, the entire mood is ruined. Given below are some of the best dinner recipes that families enjoy the most. They are easy to make and add variety to your kitchen. Check some of them below:

Lemon chicken

A steaming hot bowl of lemon chicken can never be disappointing. All you have to do is marinate the chicken and leave it for a while. The ingredients used in the making of this dish are very easily available. You will need some lemon, dried chili, chicken, garlic, and sugarcane juice. Prepare this dish for your next family dinner, and your family will leave no trace of food remaining on their dinner plate. This dish can be prepared within 30-40 minutes and is incredibly hassle-free to make.

Chettinad fish fry

As we know, fish provides us with generous quantities of protein. While a typical fish curry may taste appalling and evoke a sense of apathy among your family members, Chettinad fish fry is a game-changer. To prepare this dish, you will have to marinate small pieces of surmai fish in different flavors of spices such as cumin, fennel, tomatoes, garlic, curry leaves, and many more. It is the differently flavored spice that adds to the charm of this dish. Once the marination is done, pan-fry the fish in refined oil, and you are good to go! To serve a Pinterest-perfect dish on the table, add garnishings of your choice and present your dish in the best possible way! The fish is crispy from the outside and juicy from the inside.

Chettinad fish fry

Galouti kebab

Soft and succulent Galouti kebabs can never go wrong. If you are looking forward to a change in your palate, Galouti kebabs will be here for your rescue. These kebabs are cooked in olive oil and sometimes in pure ghee. This dish makes a great appetizer. Your search for the most appropriate mutton snack will end here. However, one has to make sure that the mutton is of good quality and ground to perfection. This is a great and easy dinner recipe for family that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Keema biryani

One plate full of biryani has never caused any harm to anyone. There is barely a person on Earth who will say no to a steaming hot plate of biryani. If you are looking for easy dinner recipes for family night, Keema biryani can be a great choice. This biryani has minced meat, ginger, garlic, milk, yogurt, raisins, and many more ingredients to enhance the taste. Just as you turn your gas on and start cooking this flavorful dish, it will leave your whole house smelling aromatic. Not only this, but with its color and texture, this dish looks fantastic when served.

easy dinner recipes for family

Dum aloo Lakhnawi

Are you looking forward to replacing your same old aloo matar sabzi with something more exciting and flavorful? How about some dum aloo Lakhnawi? This dish is also effortless to cook. You will need some potatoes, Kasuri methi, crumbled paneer, butter, onions, and ghee. You can also experiment with flavors to give your dum aloo dish a tangy taste. This dish tastes great when served with steaming hot paranthas, naan, or even tandoori rotis. Your family will thank you for this meal! The dish has made its way to the list of the best easy dinner recipes for family.

Dum paneer kali mirch

Your usual cottage cheese can also taste delicious. The word “Dum” is used for dishes cooked under pressure, where the steam is not allowed to release. Dum paneer kali mirch is prepared using fried onion, black pepper, cinnamon, yogurt, garlic, and ginger. All these flavors, when cooked under pressure, make the dish burst with a flavourful aroma. This dish, too, tastes nice with naan, parantha, or tandoori roti. I never knew that your easy-to-cook paneer had such variety instilled in it, right?

Ajwaini Paneer kofta

This is another excellent preparation of paneer that is lip-smacking. This dish is perfect for almost every family gathering. This is also very easy to make and can be prepared within minutes. As the name suggests, the dish has an ajwain flavor, not something one expects with cottage cheese. This is a great option for your vegetarian family members. Swing your magic wand, and your dish will be ready! Your family members cannot stop singing praises of your amazing cooking skills.

easy dinner recipes for family

Butter chicken

If your family is fond of non-vegetarian food, butter chicken must be a quintessential delicacy that they love to devour. Butter chicken has a tinge of sweetness and a dash of tanginess blended nicely in a bowl of succulent chicken pieces. This chicken curry is easy to make and goes with almost everything. This is a popular option among foodies all across the globe. If you are having a lazy day and are not in a mood to experiment with the dishes, this easy dinner recipe for the family will save your day and earn you lots of praise! Butter chicken tastes well with bread dishes as well as rice preparations.

Prawn curry Malabari style

Even for people who are not so fond of fish, Prawn is an exception. This light prawn dish is cooked with finely grated coconut, ginger, chili, coriander, and many other ingredients. For the most wholesome meal, you have to pair this curry with rice. The gravy is flavourful and mixes very well with rice. It is also straightforward to make. Therefore, if you plan a tasty and delicious lunch for your dinner night, make sure you include this prawn curry in your menu. This is going to earn you a lot of appreciation.

easy dinner recipes for family

Mutton do pyaza

For most Indian food lovers, mutton meat makes the of dishes. If you are fond of tender, succulent mutton dipped in flavors and like experimenting with dishes, you can blindly go for mutton do pyaza. Mutton do pyaza is a dish that is flavourful and loaded with lots and lots of aromatic flavors. The dish has generous amounts of spices. As the name suggests, it is also loaded with crunchy onions. It is cooked with yogurt. The recipe is quite simple and can be easily prepared with the dishes present in your kitchen. Therefore, if you want to make a lip-smacking mutton recipe for family dinner night, this easy recipe will be a savior. Again, serve this with soft naans for the best and the most wholesome meal.

Dal makhani

Dal makhani is an all-time favorite of vegetarians. The makhani is a popular dish that is served in almost every North Indian family.

This dish is prepared from lentils and has a buttery flavor and taste. This dish is quite popular among the Indians. People all across the globe prefer dal makhani with naan or parantha. However, they add slight variations according to their taste, making it more flavourful. This is one of the easy dinner recipes for family, luscious and loaded with creamy butter. Dal makhani justifies its name by being a flavourful dish that will leave the flavor lingering in your mouth for hours.

Dal makhani

Shahi egg curry

We can consume eggs in various forms at various times of the day. While the boiled egg is a great breakfast option, different cooked egg recipes serve as excellent items to help on the dinner table.

For instance, a bowl of Shahi egg curry; as the name suggests, this egg curry is an excellent option for both fonds of rice and bread. The egg curry is made mildly spicy and is loaded with onion, garlic, cream, Kasuri methi, yogurt, and coriander. You can also choose to serve pickles with this dish. This is one of the easiest things to cook on a family dinner night.


Kofta is made from khoya. The gravy of the dish is made from coconut, milk, and khus khus. The gravy has a velvety texture that will leave you licking your fingers. It is a great go-to dish for dinner nights. Kofta tastes great when it is paired with naan or parantha. Most people who follow a vegetarian diet love kofta. Therefore, if you are looking for some veg option in easy dinner recipes for family, a bowl of kofta is going to make a perfect choice! Kofta has a sweet flavor, which will satiate your sweet tooth as well.

Chana masala

What can be a better alternative to chana masala if you are looking forward to having kulcha, bhatura, or puri? Although chana masala may sound basic, it is quite tasty and easy to go food for any family dinner. Made from chickpeas and cooked in gravy made from tomato and onion, this dish is delicious. The recipe is straightforward and flavourful. You can also look for variations and experiment with the ingredients to add a different flavor to the chana masala.

Chana masala

Palak paneer

This is another popular dish that is made from paneer. If you are fond of greens, palak paneer tops the most desired and flavourful delicacy list. It has a creamy texture and makes an ideal choice for a family dinner night.


You cannot argue with a North Indian about the importance of rajma in one’s diet. They like rajma with almost everything. Give them a bowl of rajma and rice, and they will happily enjoy their bowl of rajma chawal. This dish made with red beans is an easy recipe for family dinner. Cook it in spicy red tomatoes to bring out the flavors of the dish!

Fried rice

The most effortless dish of all! All you have to do is fry the veggies that you want to add to your rice, mix the rice to it, and you are good to go! You can also add diced chicken or fried egg to the fried rice, and you are done! Happy family, happy you!

Lemon rice

Do you have leftover rice from last night? Go easy peasy lemon squeezy on the rice. Chop onions, dice a few tomato pieces and keep some herbs ready. This dish is easy to make and can be prepared in less than twenty minutes. The best thing about this dish is that it is incredibly hassle-free to serve. Pair it up with pickle, and you are done!

easy dinner recipes for family

Final thoughts

If you fancy eating and believe that gluttony is the only sin worth committing, the options are endless. All you have to do is team the right things up, hone your cooking skills, and you are good to go! For instance, if you crave something healthy and flavourful, you can mix many vegetables and prepare mixed veg korma, a popular South Indian dish. Similarly, you can experiment with different kinds of seasonal vegetables. For instance, winter calls for lip-smacking gobhi recipes. Snack it, lunch it, have it your way; the options are endless. So, what’s for dinner tonight?