Does Car Insurance Cover Scratches?

Some perils on the roads are virtually inevitable. Regardless of how vigilant you are, it’s practically impossible to avoid scratches on your car’s body. It might be a minor one or an ugly dent, but in the end, scratches compromise the visual virtue of your vehicle. Once the metal gets exposed, you cannot prevent the body from rusting. So, the paint on your car is more than a cosmetic consideration.

Being a concerned owner, you might wonder, ‘does car insurance cover scratches?’.

Well, the answer to this question depends on how your car got the scratch. Even if your insurer covers these scratches, you should have the correct type of policy in place. 

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Which type of car insurance policy covers scratches?

Scratches are generally covered under two sections of your auto insurance policy. Car insurance brokers recommend that their clients have both collision and comprehensive coverages. When the scratch occurs as a result of physical contact of your car with another vehicle, your collision coverage will apply. 

However, this might not necessarily be a major accident. You cannot rule out the chances of low-impact collisions in parking lots.

Again, there might be perils other than collisions that can distort the paint. For instance, insurance companies would cover your car under vandalism if an external object other than a car scratches its paint.

If you are not at fault during an accident, you might benefit from the other driver’s liability insurance. Your insurance broker will help you file the claim or contact the concerned authorities.

Now you know the answer to the question, ‘does car insurance cover scratches?’.

When to use a comprehensive insurance policy to cover scratches

Drivers in Canada often ask, ‘does insurance cover car scratches?’. Now that you know that your insurer might cover the damage, it’s imperative to have the right kind of policy in place. Here are some examples that would help you understand this better:

  •  An object falling on your parked car
  • Someone deliberately damaging your car
  • The wind pushing an object against the car’s body

Practically, you have little to do to control these perils. This explains why insurance brokers favour recommending comprehensive coverage plans to their clients. Unless you have such coverage, you will repent paying for the damage yourself. 

Also, remember that auto coverage requires you to pay a deductible. You need to pay this deductible before you can take advantage of your policy.

When to use a collision coverage policy to cover scratches

Not considering who is at fault, collision coverage compensates for the damage inflicted on your car on hitting an object. This might be a tree, a wall, another car, or any other object on the road. Just like comprehensive policies, scratches arising from collisions are covered only when you pay a deductible. So, here are some common instances that will help you understand these cases:

  • The door of your car hits a pillar in the parking lot, causing the paint to go off
  • Scrapping an object by the road, like a pole or a wall
  • Another car sideswiping your vehicle
  • Unprofessional handling during car wash leading to scratches
  • Tree branches scraping the sides of your car while you drive

Since you have already got the answer to your question, ‘does insurance cover scratches on a car?’, it pays to understand who is at fault. Suppose you are driving in the right lane, but another car scrapes the sides of your car while coming in the other direction. 

In these cases, the scratch should be covered by the other driver’s liability insurance. The insurer of the at-fault driver would consider this a case of collision.

What to do if you aren’t sure about the source of the scratch

Not knowing the source of the scratch on your car can land you in an awkward position. It’s always wise to reach out to your insurer with transparent information. Your insurance broker can provide you with professional guidance and help you find a solution. 

The claim adjuster comes into play in these cases if you want to file a claim. These professionals are experienced in assessing damages and can help you detect how your car got those scratches.

Situations where automobile insurers don’t cover scratches

If you simply have liability insurance with no optional coverages like comprehensive or collision policies, your insurer won’t cover scratches. 

However, if you are not at fault, the other driver’s liability insurance might kick in. If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of a hit-and-run case and the other driver isn’t caught, you need to pay for the losses yourself. Here are some other situations where your insurer won’t cover the scratches.

  • The scratches are a result of general wear and tear
  • You violated the traffic policies, which led to the scratches
  • Scratches caused due to negligence and reckless driving

Is it worth filing a claim to fix the scratches?

Fixing minor scratches on your car can cost you around $1,000. However, getting a full-paint job done will require much more. Depending on the deductible you agreed to pay to your insurer, you need to decide whether or not you should file your claim. 

Suppose your deductible is $1,000, and fixing the paintwork costs almost as much. In this case, it’s wise to pay the amount from your pocket. Remember, filing a claim can lead to increased car insurance premiums too.

However, if your car has serious damage and requires a complete paint job, you may need to file a claim.


Car owners in Canada often reach out to insurance brokers asking, ‘does car insurance cover scratches?’. 

Scratches are pretty easy to get on your cars. So, unless you have adequate insurance coverage, you will be draining your finances each time your car gets a scratch. 

Reputed insurance brokers like Surex recommend affordable policies to their clients in Canada. You can obtain multiple quotes from top insurers once you consult the professionals. They would also help you file and settle claims in case your car gets a scratch.