declutter your home

Declutter Your Home with These Top Tips

Regardless of your tidiness, it?s almost impossible to avoid clutter. Think of books, tax forms, the kid’s stuff, and many other items we use regularly. Leaving them all over the house will definitely increase clutter. Sometimes you even have to call furniture removal services to get rid of archaic or broken pieces. There are a lot of benefits if you?Declutter Your Home ? whether we have too much junk or not. Psychologists argue that a clean and tidy space is more likely to improve mental clarity and productivity. Therefore, failing to handle the clutter in your home is detrimental to your well being. Mess causes stress. Fortunately, we have lined up a few tips below to help you through the decluttering process.

Start Small When you Declutter Your Home

Often people get lazy cleaning their homes because of the magnitude of junk present. Before committing to an entire house/home overhaul, it would be best to start small. Rome wasn?t built in one day, thus, taking baby steps can help you get things done efficiently.

You can start with one or two rooms inside the house, as you advance to the rest. Starting with small projects, and completing them successfully gives you a sense of accomplishment. If you can get some extra hands to help, that?d be great.

Don’t Underestimate Furniture Removal

Dare I say – we don?t need everything inside our house. Impulse buys sometimes get in the way of sticking to necessities. Get rid of the clutter using these tips and clear your mind in the process.

How to Dispose of When you Declutter Your Home

Disposing of the ?Get Rid of it? box is simple. Here?s how:

  • ??????Donate ? someone else probably needs what you don?t use. Wouldn?t it be great if you donated some of the items you no longer mark as a priority? You?ll probably sleep happily knowing that you made someone smile. Local charities within your community collect shoes, clothes, beddings, and other household items to donate to the needy. Another creative alternative that has arisen recently is posting the stuff you want to dispose of online. Your junk can be another person?s blessing.
  • ??????Recycle ? you can recycle paper, plastic, and glass directly through your recycling bin. However, if this isn?t an option, consider piling up your recyclable materials, then take them to the closest recycling plant. You could turn some of your old electronics and furniture into cash. For instance, some furniture removal companies will pay you for old pieces of furniture you no longer use.
  • ??????Organize a garage sale ? this option has become quite popular with many opting to use it for decluttering purposes. You could make some cash off your clutter by planning a garage sale. To plan this event successfully, check if your homeowners? association or neighborhood has a specific date for these events.
  • ??????Rent a dumpster ? in case you have a lot of items inside the house you want to get rid of, then renting a dumpster can be a feasible option. Once you get the dumpster, all you need to do is to fill it with your clutter, and wait for them to haul it away. Oh, and most of them also offer furniture removal.

Set Goals While you Declutter Your Home

Working with no direction equals little to no results. Take time and plan the decluttering process beforehand. Decide where to start, which course to take, and the final spot. Planning makes the entire process a lot easier and direct. Frustrations are part of the decluttering process, and setting goals is a sure way of toning down negative vibes.

How to Set Goals

Here are some of the things you can consider before starting the decluttering process:

  • ??????Make a map of all the clutter hot spots you want to tackle.
  • ??????Based on the extent of the clutter, grade rooms to help you know where most of your attention should go. You can use a scale of 1-5 or 1-3 (the choice is yours).
  • ??????Start small with one space at a time.
  • ??????Set expected completion dates for each space. While doing this, evaluate yourself and set achievable dates to avoid frustrations. However, you can also create a challenge and give yourself a reward for completing the task. This might push your spirits higher and improve motivation.
  • ??????Demarcate special areas such as garages and basements from the other spaces, as they?ll probably take more effort and time.

Consider Selling or Getting Rid of Old Items

The number one reason people store old items in their homes is for sentimental reasons. However, as much as you may be attached to your items, they may be the reason you have so much clutter. Therefore, it would be wise to get rid of them by either selling or throwing them away. For instance, consider giving your old chairs and tables to furniture removal experts or even second-hand shops.

Have a Sorting System

As you clean the rooms inside the house, you need to have a junk sorting system. It wouldn?t be a good idea to place all types of junk in one place/category. Also, doing this helps to avoid creating an even bigger mess than you already had. You can get huge boxes to help you through this sorting system.

Final Thoughts

Living inside a house filled with junk will probably take a toll on your mental health and peace of mind. However, you can easily avoid this by organizing frequent clean-ups to declutter. You don?t need that old table with one broken leg anymore ? call furniture removal experts to get it out of your home. Besides, you could even make money out of your junk items as mentioned earlier. That’s a WIN-WIN scenario.