21st Century Inventions

21st Century Inventions: List of the best inventions of 21st century

The human mind always imagines and innovates, and this has characterized the society from the very medieval ages.?Humans have gone from making stone arrows and building fires, to developing smartphones and self-driving cars, among others. The world today has tech ranging from energy storage, AI, to medical science. If you are unaware of how to form an llc in california, then consider checking out startmyllc website.There so many inventions that you can write a big custom dissertation on this topic. But first read this article, we have interesting 21st Century Inventions for you.

Interesting 21st Century Inventions

  • 3D Printing. It came into existence in 1980 and borrowed heavily from the concept of topographical maps. The tech uses a layering method to print using 3D printers.?
  • E-Cigarettes. Tech has existed for several decades now, but the initial contemporary e-cigarette got introduced in the year 2006. The cigarettes have gained widespread popularity all over the globe. In as much as it can pose a tremendous risk to the health of individuals.??
  • Augmented Reality. The tech encompasses overlaying of digital graphics on top of live footage in conveying real-time information. It especially took off after the development of powerful computer hardware and access to software libraries for video tracking such as ARToolKit.?
  • The Patch for Birth Control. Family planning as an innovative way to control the population besides ensuring higher quality standards of living, has featured heavily at the turn of the millennia. Women can avoid unintended pregnancies by using these pills, which contains progesterone and estrogen levels with similar standards as those found in other birth control tablets.??
  • Blockchain. It refers to an incorruptible method of recording transactions where parties can transparently share the digital ledger. It works perfectly for peer networks that log and store the blockchain. The year 2008 is the first time the tech got deployed in creating Bitcoin, the initial decentralized cryptocurrency. It has since found different uses in money transfers, food safety, and monitoring of supply chains.
  • Capsule Endoscopy. The tech resulted from the emergence of optical designs, image sensors, and light-emitting electrodes in the 1990s. It uses a micro wireless imager that patient?s swallow and got used by patients initially in 2000. The tech can check for internal bleeding, among many other internal conditions.
  • The Modern Artificial Pancreas. Also referred to as the closed-loop system of insulin delivery, the tech gets used to treat the type one diabetes in a mobile way. It came to the fore in the 70?s, though were of bigger sizes compared to the modern portable kind.?
  • E-Readers. Sony became the first company that released this tech, and it came to the fore in the ?70s but significantly improved in the ?90s. It uses the e-ink technology that mimics the normal ink people use on paper. Kindle by Amazon eventually eclipsed Sony after its debut in 2007 and has become popular with most ardent readers.?
  • Gene Editing. Mostly came to the fore with the discovery of CRISPR by researchers from Berkeley and the University of California. It was besides another team from Broad Institute and Harvard. The bacterial-based on an ability to make pointed changes to the DNA of an organism. The tech has heralded a fresh biotechnology era for the present and future.?
  • High-Density Battery Packs. Batteries have a huge role when it comes to the popularity of Tesla electric vehicles. The batteries comprise thousands of cells that have a remarkable small size, all packed together to give the car structural support owing to the low center of gravity.?


A lot of inventions have come to the fore in the 21st century, and the ones highlighted comprise just a few of many.? ? ? ??