cursed pop tart flavors

17 Cursed Pop Tart Flavors That Look Like Real

If you are a pop tart fan, then you must have noticed some weird-looking pop tart flavor boxes that don’t exist but are viral on platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. So, what are these cursed pop tart flavors? And they exist? We will find out in this article! You will also find a list of the viral top 17 cursed poptarts flavors.

What are cursed poptart flavors?

Pop tart fans have divided the flavors into two parts on the Internet:

  • Weird pop tart flavors
  • Cursed pop tart flavors

Weird flavors exist for real and result from the brand’s experiments. Occasionally, pop tart launches some out-of-the-box flavors to maintain curiosity and steady demand. Weird flavors are also a result of good marketing. Some odd flavors taste good, while others are a big failure.

On the other hand, cursed pop tart flavors are the ones doesn’t exist for real. They are a result of good creativity by pop tart fans. Even though images of fake pop tart flavors circulate in the news, brands enjoy this because it brings free marketing for them.

Why are there cursed pop tart flavors?

The cursed or fake flavors exist because pop tart lovers like to browse these images, comment, or share them. It brings engagement for content creators and converts them into revenue. These cursed images of pop tart are trending. Who doesn’t want to take advantage of the trend?

It has become a source of entertainment for people where you will find a new pop tart flavor that never existed. It’s exciting, and you can also learn about some of the best cursed pop tart flavors in this article.

Can you purchase them for real?

Of course not! You cannot purchase the cursed flavors because they don’t exist. These flavors are just for fun and entertainment purposes on social media. You can browse those fantastic images or share your creativity with other pop tart lovers but don’t try to search for them on Amazon because they don’t exist.

Currently, Pop Tarts sells 20 flavors, but you can find hundreds of cursed flavors online. To purchase weird pop tart flavors, browse their official website for specific information about available flavors.

17 cursed poptart flavors.

Now when you understand the basics of cursed flavors, let us quickly browse the best creativity that people have done to bring these cursed flavors to light:

1. Pop-tart coronavirus

Imagine eating coronavirus pop tart to end the pandemic. This cursed pop tart flavors is hilarious where you find the name of the pop tart holding a mask beneath, and the wafer has a virus-like design that looks a little dirty, but it’s creative enough to keep the first place on this list. We have been affected by the virus, and seeing it on our favorite pop tart makes us easily connect with it, which is why the image became viral.

Image Source: Pinterest

2. Pop-tart cement

Would you like to eat cement in pop tarts? Don’t worry; it’s just a joke but a creative idea. Send it to a friend who speaks a lot, and you want to solidify his mouth. A cement-flavored treat would be the best idea. This image is pretty standard, but the idea is extraordinary. You will find the pop tart wafer dapped into cement and some particles of cement scattered around to enhance the look. It indeed gives you a feel of eating cement with chocolate.

Image Source: Pinterest

3. Pop-tart gasoline

The pop tart flavors on this great list also include a gasoline theme. If you have smelled gasoline, you can imagine the fragrance you will get upon eating the gasoline-flavored pop tart. No one would like to do that. This image got viral because it’s an entirely out-of-the-box idea that makes no sense but is funny enough to share with other pop tart lovers.

4. Pop-tart garlic bread

This one makes a little sense, and I would have tasted it if the garlic bread flavor existed. For this image, the creator has used the regular picture of the pop tart box and edited the wafers to look like garlic bread. He also gave them a light-yellow color resembling real garlic bread, and the colors improved the overall look. You can send it to your friend who loves pizza or garlic bread. It would be an insane surprise for them.

cursed pop tart flavors
Image Source: Pinterest

5. Pop-tart nuclear waste

These cursed pop tart flavors look risky, and no one would like to eat nuclear waste. By the way, do you know what nuclear waste smells like? Just kidding! Please don’t find it and smell for your dear life. To give it a natural look, the creator has used yellow because it’s the color of hazardous materials. He added two nuclear waste drums that make the fake image look natural. He must have spent a considerable time creating this.

cursed pop tart flavors
Image Source: Pinterest

6. Pop-tart dead caterpillars

This one is worth considering a good flavor because there are people who can eat dead caterpillars. Are you the one? For this image, the creator has turned the pop tart wafers into green and added some little dots that resemble the dead caterpillars. It’s not the best creativity I have seen, but the idea is excellent and matches some of our requirements. It could have been more creative with little extra effort.

Image Source: Pinterest

7. Pop-tart hairs

Another among the cursed pop tart flavors is one made of hair. That’s disgusting and interesting at the same time. In this image, you will find the pop tart logo wearing a wig with an extra wig on the side.

It’s designed out of brown color that gives you a feel of eating blonde hair. It is one of the most disgusting flavors on this list because hairs are something we watch daily, and the fact of eating them as a snack is sick. Don’t forget to send it to that funny friend obsessed with ill content.

Image Source: Pinterest

8. Pop-tart coca cola

Let us normalize the situation with a cola-flavored. It’s exciting, and I don’t think anyone would deny eating this fantastic flavor. Imagine getting Coca-Cola and wafers simultaneously as your morning snack.

Sounds impressive, right? Hold your horses because the taste doesn’t exist, and your dream of eating cola in pop tarts will remain a dream. But the image is exciting, and the creator uses a natural Coca-Cola can to provide an impressive look.

Image Source: Pinterest

9. Pop-tarts of red onion

People in India like to eat an onion with their food. It will be a good flavor for them where they can replace eating raw onion with wafered onion that too with a cream. Sound like a valuable idea to try, but it doesn’t exist yet. However, the image is good, and the idea is worth sharing.

You will find 2-3 onions in this viral image with red onion color and little red dots on the pop tart wafers, providing much-needed contrast to the idea.

cursed pop tart flavors
Image Source: Pinterest

10. Pop-tarts of chicken curry

We are not over with fantastic fake flavors of pop tarts yet. Most of you love to eat chicken-flavored in your breakfast. It’s so good that the company must consider adding it as an authentic flavor to their list. But you know that’s never going to happen.

Still, the image went viral because it gives you a natural look of chicken curry with matching colors and some chicken nuggets on the side. Send to your friend who loves chicken and pop tart. He will be happy for sure.

cursed pop tart flavors
Image Source: Pinterest

11. Pop-tart tide

Here we are back with the disgusting flavors. This one comes with detergent and a sweet fragrance of tide. If you like people to remember you as a detergent not because of your clothes but because of your smell, then this detergent flavor will suit you the most. It would be a fantastic meme to make people remember their foul smell. Avoid trying this idea with your not-so-close friends, or you will hurt someone’s feelings. Buy Phentermine online

Image Source: Pinterest

12. Pop-tart homework

These cursed pop tart flavors don’t match the kind of flavor you can consume. Instead, this viral image is good to send kids who don’t like to do homework to make them remember that even your favorite pop tart wants you to focus on your studies. The image is simple, with homework written on top and the pop tart wafers include a sign or wafers. It’s not helpful to send to adults; maybe that’s why it’s not famous.

Image Source: Pinterest

13. Pop-tart Doritos

It’s another cursed pop tart flavor that I would have tried if it was available for real. Who doesn’t want to eat crispy and salty Doritos-flavored in their breakfast? Even the image is good enough to give you a natural feeling. If you have a friend who loves Doritos, it’s the perfect image to tease them. Also, most recently launched pop tart flavors were full of sugars and got trolled for the same reason. This is another image that supports the troll.

Image Source: Pinterest

14. Pop-tarts rust

Here is one of our favorite cursed pop tart flavors because the idea is unique, and the creativity takes you to another level. Most images include the regular box of pop tarts with a bit of editing in the name and wafers, but in this image, you will find the design of rust on the top of the box, on the wafers, and even on the sides. The overall effect makes the pop tart box look like an old tin box that has been rusting for years. Also, it is another disgusting flavor that you might hate.

Image Source: Pinterest

15. Pop-tart candle

If you have ever liked or tasted the wax on the candle, then you can resemble how this candle-flavored pop tart will taste in real. I guess it would be tasteless with the essence of the wax. What do you think?

Anyways it’s another unique idea that makes no sense but is good enough to send to your friends as a meme. Imagine a friend who doesn’t know about fake pop tart flavors, and he receives this image. Of course, he will be interested in the first place, but then you break the bubble by making him realize it’s fake.

Image Source: Pinterest

16. Pop-tart rice pudding

Are you a rice pudding fan? Then this particular image of pop tart rice pudding will surely interest you the most. The creator mostly used the white color to ensure the rice’s essence remained intact. Also, he shifted wafers behind the logo of a pop tart; it’s something unique that we haven’t noticed on any other fake flavors of a pop tart. Also, some people would like to eat this rice pudding flavor, don’t forget to share it with them.

Image Source: Pinterest

17. Pop-tart Glueberry

The last and one of the most interesting cursed pop tart flavors on this list is Glueberry. We loved the idea of how easily the creator has changed the name from blueberry to glueberry, which sounds real. However, no one would like to stick their mouth eating glue. The simple design includes the pop tart wafer with glue on top. It gives you the feeling of eating something disgusting and is another good meme to share with friends.

cursed pop tart flavors
Image Source: Pinterest

Final thoughts

We came to the end of the list of cursed pop tart flavors. We browsed various fake flavor images on the Internet to find the best one for you. It’s good to notice how creative people have become these days.

However, don’t try to search for any of these flavors on the marketplace because these flavors are just for fun, and you cannot find them for real. The best you can do is to share with your pop tart lovers who don’t know about the trend of fake flavors. They will be interested!

There are hundreds of cursed flavors trending online, and we might have missed some of the best ones. Please let us know about those flavors in the comments.

Which are your favorite cursed pop tart flavors? Please let us know about them in the comments?