Oral Surgeon

Choosing the Right Oral Surgeon: Factors to Consider

Preparing for an oral surgery procedure such as getting dental implants, wisdom tooth extraction, or corrective jaw surgery can be a stressful experience. Most likely, you’ll have questions about pain, complications, and the recovery period. The right oral surgeon can answer these questions and alleviate any fears you might have. However, if you’re like most people, you probably have no clear idea how to find this surgeon. You might start by searching for oral surgery near me on the internet. However, this approach does not always provide the best results. Here are the factors to consider when searching for the right oral surgeon. 

Recommendations from Your Dentist

Your general dentist is most likely the first person you should consult when searching for an oral surgeon. Dentists often work closely with different oral surgeons, interacting with them professionally and personally. Your dentist can, therefore, offer invaluable insights into a given surgeon’s skills, expertise, and bedside manners. 

So, before you pick a given oral surgeon, consult your dentist. Request them to provide you with a list of other oral surgeons near you to consider. With this information, it can be easy and fast to shortlist all the best oral surgeons in your area. 

Experience Level

If you search solely for oral surgery near me, the search engine will prioritize helping you find surgeons nearest to you. Some of these surgeons might lack the necessary experience, and it would be a gamble to choose them. They have no track record, and they might end up messing up your oral surgery. 

You can mitigate this risk by also checking the experience levels of oral surgeons near you. Strive to find a surgeon who has been practicing for a couple of years and has performed numerous successful surgeries. 

Costs and Payment Options

Oral surgeries like getting dental implants can be expensive, especially if you’re covering all the expenses out of pocket. Besides, different dental surgeons will charge different rates for the same procedure. You may need to compare these surgeons’ rates and their payment options. Find out if any of these surgeons are in your in-network with your insurance plan to avoid paying for the surgery out of pocket

If the surgeon you pick is not in-network with your insurance coverage, ask about their payment options. You can request to pay for the procedure in installments to avoid the burden of paying the lump sum cost. 

Online Reviews

Reading online reviews from past patients can help you learn more about different oral surgeons. You can gather information on how these surgeons treat patients before and after a procedure. Your best bet is an oral surgeon with a good reputation and many positive online reviews. 


Searching for oral surgery near me can be helpful when searching for the best surgeons, but it’s just one of the things to do. You may also need to consider other factors like experience, online reviews, and costs. Also, seek a recommendation from your general dentist on the right oral surgeon to choose. Your dentist will help you shortlist all the best surgeons in your area to consider.