Black Ops Cold War League

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War League Play Guide and Tips

For most of the passionate Call of Duty players, their favourite game mode among the many options would most likely be the Black Ops Cold War League. In a short span of time, this game has gained much popularity among the players making it one of the highest played games.?

Are you planning to try the Black Ops Cold War League? Do you wonder about the play guide or tips to become a pro at the game? Read on to find everything you must know about this game. You can also check out cold war cheats to explore advanced gaming hacks.

All about Black Ops Cold War

When you compare the Black Ops Cold War League Play with other ranked multiplayer games, it tends to stand out as an exciting and unique mode. You don?t get the standard ranking system for this game, but you will have to earn your rank.

In most parts, you will get to see a simple design where you will have to fight against your opponents of the same skill in ranked matches. Thus, players should always be charged up in this mode and not be casual about it.

The game is relatively more complicated mainly because it involves two different types of rank. The first is a skill division, and the second is an actual rank that you possess online. The prevalence of two ranks makes it tougher to hold it for beginners coming on board and even for the pro players of various other games.

Division of skills?

While coming into the League Play, your skill division will be set for you. There are five skill divisions which include competitor, advanced, expert, elite, and master. These five divisions are significant as they will determine how your League Play will be since they will help decide the other players you pair up with. If you have a higher skill division, there is more possibility that you will be up against some incredibly skilled and expert players.

How to make your overall rank higher

You can find 30 ranks in the Cold War. These ranks are similar to the sorts available in regular multiplayer games. All players begin from rank one, and will have to collect some unique gems to advance towards the 30 ranks and achieve the different rewards that come with them. To do this, you have to give exceptional performance in your skill division.

Tips for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War League

Even though the Black Ops Cold War League might be difficult to figure out, below are a few initial tips for players:

Be careful about your surroundings

The essential thing you must remember here is to keep an eye on the points of the players around. When a player reaches first place, they have the tendency to continue playing, which broadens the gap between them and the second player. But this might not be the ideal thing to do, particularly if you get some grubby teammates on the battlefield.

The worst scenario is when in some matches one team has less number of players as compared to the other team. The battles in League Play are similar to the Call of Duty League formula, where they have four on four matches, unlike the Cold War, which has six on six matches.?

In this case, losing even one member of the crew will place the player in trouble. Moreover, the players cannot come and join the match in the middle of the game since it is a highly competitive scenario.?


Another essential point that you ought to keep in mind is the loadout. When you bring in a custom loadout to use, you have to be sure to make it before starting your first placement match.?

Don’t be in a rush

In this game, you will come across relatively smaller maps which increase your tendency to run around. However, that should be avoided. This is a very common error committed mostly by the new gamers.?

Know the map

Knowing the basic layout of the map is the right way to go ahead in the game. The biggest advantage is that the layout here is smaller, which makes it easier for players to remember. Stay away from areas where your opponents can take a clear view of you.


While gaming is meant to be fun, it doesn?t mean you can?t get competitive. Keeping the above-given pointers in mind will help beginners to start their journey with Black Ops Cold War League and the pro players to enhance their gaming skills. Get your hands on this game now, and stay ahead of your opponents always!?