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Buying Outdoor Patio Furniture from Watson’s

Does your patio need decorating? Outdoor gatherings are the new favorite activity of many homeowners. 

Nevertheless, patio furniture is an absolute must for bringing comfort and function to outdoor spaces. Comfortable chairs and a spacious table are enough for transforming your porch into a dining destination. 

Individuals adore spending warm weather months outside. Even if your space is limited in size, thoughtful planning can make it a spot for dining, lounging, and entertaining. 

The following factors will facilitate your shopping experience.

Consider the weather in your area

Considering the weather conditions in your local area is the initial thing to do when buying patio furniture. Is the weather hot and dry? Is it rainy and humid? The answers to these questions are vital in selecting outdoor furniture, as exposure to rain, sun, and wind gradually deteriorates its condition. For example, hot weather makes wood crack and splinter, whereas moisture is to blame for rot. This webpage,, explains how to repair rotten wood.

High winds cause aluminum furnishings to fly away. Although iron won’t blow away, this material doesn’t stand up to salty air. Sun exposure has the worst effect on furnishings, as it discolors paint, bleaches wood and fabrics, and causes the plastic to degrade. Choosing patio furniture should be done by considering the inherent properties of materials. 

For instance, metal is the most resistant to sunlight damage, whereas rubber and plastic are incredibly vulnerable to damage from UV rays. Wooden furnishings are usually covered with a weather-resistant finish, but this layer is bound to wear down eventually. Try imagining your patio five to ten years from now before you decorate it. 

Measure the outdoor area

After considering the local weather conditions, homeowners should measure their outdoor space by determining the exact space amount and shape. Some balconies are long and narrow, whereas other patios are broad and wide. Sufficient space should be planned around your patio furniture for individuals to move about comfortably. 

Patio Furniture

Small patios look better with a bar table instead of a dining table. Bar tables are narrow, and stools consume less space than traditional chairs. Homeowners should measure the dimensions, make a sketch of the area, and then head to a store. Another aspect to determine is the placement of the furnishings. Some patios are exposed to weather elements, but others have overhead covering. 

Furthermore, the furniture may rest on grass or soft ground or be placed on a harder surface like a paved patio or wooden deck. Materials like softwood shouldn’t be located on grass, as the moisture originating from the ground might lead to rot. Moisture is an enemy of metals as well, as it triggers corrosion in some metals. 

Look for comfort

The idea of investing in patio furniture is for household members to relax outdoors either by themselves or in the company of friends. Hence, it has to be remarkably comfortable. Some lounges and chairs come with no cushions. Nevertheless, you can purchase pillows and cushions separately. These cushions should be made of outdoor fabrics, resistant to mildew and fading. 

Additionally, patio furniture is expected to outlast upholstery, irrespective of its quality. You’ll probably be required to replace the cushions several times over their lifespan. Patio furniture buyers can read more here about how to make their outdoor patio come to life. Upholstery can retain its looks longer if you store the cushions away after each use, not just during the off-season. 

Comfortable chairs aren’t the only options for outdoor furniture. There are recliners and rockers, which provide excellent outdoor relaxation. Daybeds and hammocks are ideal for stretching out or taking a nap. 

Consider storage space

Storing your outdoor furniture in a protected location is vital in the off-season, as proper storage prolongs its lifespan. It’s crucial to have enough room for storing your furnishings and cushions during the winter months. If you have no free space in your basement or garage, why not purchase furnishings that can be used indoors in winter. Homeowners with incredibly limited storage space should purchase elements that fold or can be taken apart. 

Plan your budget

Budget considerations shouldn’t be neglected when buying patio furniture. Buyers are suggested to purchase the best furnishings they can afford, as quality products provide higher value. If trying to cut costs, you should go shopping at the end of July and August. Since autumn is around the corner, most stores offer sales at the end of summer. Winter sales aren’t usually organized. Another tip to save money is opting for affordable but durable materials like aluminum. 

Final thoughts

The space outside of your house can be transformed into an oasis by choosing functional and appealing furniture. 

It’s the best spot for social gatherings or spending some alone time with a cup of coffee!