Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an Engagement Ring Online

Shopping is a fun leisure activity. And when it comes to seeking an engagement ring, the whole process acquires new meaning. The unconventional way to bridal’s jewellery selection has become extremely popular among young couples over the past three years. Experts connect the interest rise with covid restrictions. But the trend showed no waning even after the pandemic drop. We can only assume the increase in demand was caused by the whole world of new opportunities opened to clients with online technology. Buying an Engagement Ring-

There are so many fine craftsmen in the Internet spaces that finding a unique engagement token became possible from any corner of our planet. Imagine several jewellery stores in each city; the assortment is virtually limitless. Don’t confound yourself with traditional, run-of-the-mill designs displayed on shopping windows. Most vendors have their extra special pieces showcased on the main website. They illustrate exquisite cutting and artisanship to allure clients, and we must say it’s working. If you haven’t scrolled through any web catalogues yet, prepare to be amazed because engagement rings aren’t narrowed to round solitaires. 

It’s always better to buy a diamond from a country where the jewellery industry is highly developed. This way, you’ll be able to get your hands on the best collections for reasonable prices. All in all, before making an e-purchase weigh the pros and cons carefully.  

In the “pros” column, be sure to add a comfortable environment. You can shop directly from your home, snuggled up to your sweetheart. Watch a wedding movie marathon, turn on romantic music and transform the engagement ring hunt into a bright and pleasant memory. If you wish to keep the proposal under the wrap, you can browse online, evaluate the competitive market and choose a ring with the best value. Prices can vary drastically from company to company, from jeweller to jeweller. It depends on numerous factors, like the brand, level of expertise, type of equipment, etc. To analyse them wisely, break down your search to a preferred design and compare the tags in diverse vendors. Furthermore, you can contact the company’s team and ask them to explain the pricing. They’ll be more than happy to aid you.  

Pro tip: On the matters of engagement ring budget, don’t overthink it. There isn’t a specific formula or instruction on how much you should spend. Stick to the sum you feel comfortable with. It doesn’t have to Be two or three salaries. And, if you can shell out a bit without sabotaging the financial situation, that’s okay too! It is an individual decision for every couple as no shoe fits it all. 

While listing through jewellery options, you can collaborate with an artisan. He will assist you and help you find the one-of-a-kind band. Plus, you’ll end up speaking with real jewellers instead of salespeople. A more personalised approach, full attention to customers and no interruptions are a certain path to a winning deal. 

Primary Concerns of Online Shopping – Buying an Engagement Ring

The major concern of engaged couples is choosing the right store. To make an informed, smart decision, we advise taking these steps: read reviews and testimonials(they are often posted on social media apps), start a dialogue with the shop’s representative via email, messaging or telephone, ask the pressing questions and request additional info on the subject. Most importantly, pay heed to the website. If the company treasures their reputation and clients, it will do its best to provide them with a satisfying virtual experience.   

Diamond Selection 

Diamonds are predominantly chosen for their brilliance. However, the latter can not be easily traced on the web page. A well-taken photo from different angles will tell you what you need to know about the specs of the ring. If the pictures on the website are blurry, request additional videos. You’ll be wearing this jewel a lot; spend some time gathering the data. 

What’s more significant than a photo is the description of the stone. IGI and GIA institutions provide a fair evaluation of diamonds. If you grasp the grading principle (which is not at all complicated), you can pick out a befitting Diamond without trouble. Define the proper balance for 4C’s (cut, clarity, carat and colour) by setting up your priorities(durability, sparkle, filigree or minimalism). 

Sizing – Buying an Engagement Ring

Know your partner’s finger size or come up with a way to determine it. While most rings can be resized, you’d want to get it right from the first try. Many web pages offer sizing guides you can use at any time. It’s also good to know where the company stands on the resizing policy.  

Here are five tips from our independent expert to measure the finger correctly: 

Visit a local store and put on a ring in a similar style before purchasing yours online. 

Define your finger size at the local store. 

For bulky bands, utilise a different system of sizers. 

Eternity bands are harder to resize; they may require entire remodelling. Be mindful! 

Bottom Line Recommendation 

While searching through pages, we always recommend double-checking companies’ guarantees. Those vendors who offer free returns, fixation of shipping faults and GIA certificates are trustworthy. Never order from shady organisations because you’ll get a poor quality diamond, hefty tag and broken expectations.  

Our favourite place to shop is Brisbane, Australia. The country is renowned for its extensive diamond capacities and has a rich selection of bride’s jewellery. You’ll fall in love with Brisbane engagement rings and family businesses. But don’t take our word for it; visit the GS Diamonds page and see for yourself.