Crown Candies - Borrachitos de Teequila y Licor de Cafe

Borrachitos Mexican Milk Candy: Tequila + Licor de Cafe

I recently had the pleasure of getting a candy sneak preview. Crown Candies sent me two boxes of their Borrachitos candy (Spanish for a little drunk, and a traditional Mexican treat, apparently). I got one each of their two available flavors: Borrachitos?de Tequila y de Licor de Cafe.

Crown Candies - Borrachitos Candy

Borrachitos Have Alcohol-

These are special Mexican candies made out of flour and a lot of sugar, but yes, there is one fact related to these candies that are not known to people: there are good alcohol levels added to each dose of this particular candy.?They are very popular there among people in Mexico most of the crowd there takes this candy.

Borrachitos Candy Ingredients-

The Borrachitos Candy is usually made with flour and a lot of sugar, then there is a creamy layer of many different verities of flavors added to it. So, these are all the ingredients that are used in the process of baking a? Borrachitos candy in Mexico.

More about Crown Candies and?Borrachitos:

Crown Candies imports these handmade candies from Mexico. They call them “gourmet caramel candies,” but, as I explained to David of Crown Candies, I find that a bit of a misnomer, as they aren’t actually caramels. Instead, they’re a soft jelly-like candy flavored with caramel (or dulce de leche, if you prefer) and liquor.

The Tequila flavor is laced with Tequila (duh), and the Licor de Cafe with coffee liqueur (less intuitive if you’re unfamiliar with romance languages).

The Borrachitos candy come inside a resealable plastic tub with paper dividers separating them from each other. That tub is then shrink-wrapped and packaged inside a box. The texture of the candy is hard to describe. It’s super soft and immediately gives way when you bite into it, yet there’s a slight chew to it, The white center is creamy and also soft. They’re covered in granulated sugar, presumably to keep them from sticking to each other and to add an extra touch of sweetness.

Crown Candies - Borrachitos de Tequila y Licor de Cafe

Borrachitos de Licor de Cafe:

The Licor de Cafe had a lovely strong coffee liqueur flavor to it in addition to its caramel notes. I noticed an initial, barely perceptible mustiness to it, probably from the paper liner, but it wasn’t present enough for friends to notice when I shared the borrachitos. My band director proclaimed them to be “very good,” and he’s got a doctorate in music education (sorry; inside YUB joke).

The Licor de Cafe flavor isn’t something I would reach for as a casual snack, but I would indulge in a piece now and then and would offer it to company. It gets an OM. I wonder if Crown Candies has considered a chocolate liqueur version!

Crown Candies - Borrachitos de Tequila y Licor de Cafe

Borrachitos de Tequila:

The Borrachitos de Tequila (left three in above photo) were lighter in color than the Licor de Cafe flavored ones (right three above) – more golden than brown – and their mustiness was a little stronger, probably because they had a double-layered paper liner. David from Crown Candies assures me that they’ve stopped using the double layer and that they’re looking into plastic separators, so that should resolve that issue. He was so confident that he sent me a third box of borrachitos with the new packaging to taste, but I haven’t had a chance to get them yet because I’ve been out of town and without access to my PO box.

The Tequila borrachitos were also strong! They immediately taste of caramel, and then whoosh comes the alcohol flavor. I’m not hardcore enough to enjoy the Tequila flavor, but I think tequila lovers/hard liquor connoisseurs would enjoy it. The Licor de Cafe flavor was just right for me, with it’s slight but innocuous alcohol tinge. An O for the tequila.

Try them yourself!

Borrachitos candy are available online from the Crown Candies website, and they’ll also be at the All Candy Expo in Chicago that’s going on next week. Let me know if you need help finding them!