Candy and Me: A Book Review

I just finished Candy and Me (A Love Story) by Hilary Liftin. I give it an OM. It’s more or less a memoir tied to sweets, with each chapter linked to a different sugary treat, from Skittles to Circus Peanuts to canned frosting.

I was amazed at Hilary’s capacity for sugar consumption. As a kid, she used to eat straight sugar! And she has a love for white chocolate and those giant, individually wrapped pseudo-jelly bean/marshmallow thingies that I just don’t understand.

I love how she mentions obscure candies like Zotz along with more common treats like Smarties. And her husband’s method of proposing to her is ridiculously adorable. I also love her description of her wedding favors: little bags of assorted candies with a toothbrush, like the kind you get with your dentist’s name on the handle, only with the married couple’s names. Totally stealing that someday.

The book definitely has its weak moments, and overall, it’s quite fluffy. Basically, like candy full of empty calories and can cause stomachaches and nausea when overindulged in, but it’s also a fun treat. Hence the OM. Pick it up at your local library if it catches your eye, but don’t go out of your way to hunt it down.

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Candy and Me (A Love Story)
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