Best Mobile Apps For Your Work Commute

Best Mobile Apps For Your Work Commute

Travelling to work can be incredibly boring, but there are several ways you can beat that long commute. Why not download one or a few smartphone apps to keep you entertained on that journey to the workplace. We?ve put together a few suggestions so you?re bound to find something interesting here.?


Duolingo is an app that can teach you various different languages. You can practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking through the app via short exercises and challenges. The app is completely free to download and spending some time on your daily commute could lead you to learn a new language within a few weeks or months!?

Online Casinos

Online casino apps are always a great way to keep entertained on your commute and potentially win a little extra money. Many online casinos and also their sister sites now offer mobile apps which can be downloaded from your phone?s official store. With these, you?ll be given a selection of pre-installed casino games to play whenever you want. You?ll be free to play what you want when you want, and will be able to do almost everything you can on desktop websites including making deposits and withdrawals, and claiming promotions too.?


If you?re someone who enjoys reading but doesn?t want to be lunging heavy books everywhere, Kindle is the app for you! You?ll be able to purchase eBooks through the app, download them directly to your device and then read them on your commute. You can enjoy everything from popular franchises to unheard books. The options are limitless, and many books will also provide you with a sample so you can check whether or not it interests you before spending any money. With Kindle, you?ll be able to carry an entire library worth of books with you so you?ll never be bored again.

Streaming Apps

Streaming apps are also worth downloading to your smartphone device. Apps such as Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and others are worth setting up so you can keep up-to-date with the latest television shows and films while commuting. It?s a great way to spend time and can lead to some interesting conversations back at the office, just don?t drop any spoilers!


Finally, most smartphones have a variety of games you can download and enjoy. There?s something for everyone, whether that means sports games, colouring-in apps, puzzle games, racing games, platformers, and so much more. Have a browse through your phone?s official store and take a look at some popular games. Mobile devices are more powerful than ever which means games are now more complicated than before which can lead to some fun and exciting games. So why not download some and give them a try??

Now you?ve had some suggestions on apps that will keep you busy on your long commute to work, there?s no reason you should feel bored. Try downloading some of the apps here to keep you busy, you?ll wish that you did it sooner!