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Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest topics although it was first invented in 2009. In the starting phase, People were only aware of the name cryptocurrency and didn’t actually know what is the functionality of this digital currency. It was really a difficult thing to understand when first introduced as time passes people get to know that cryptocurrency is the new boom for future transactions. The main reason to invent the digital currency is to make the transactions easy worldwide because there are so many hurdles people need to face for international transactions. The purpose was to realize the world that gets over this paper currency as it is hard to trade with the physical money it takes a lot of time and makes it hard for the people to trade on spot. Digital currency is the future currency which is invented to make people’s life easier with transactions in Trading Journey that only involves banks and you have to follow rules and regulations.

Cryptocurrency First Digital Asset- Trading Journey 

Bitcoin is the first digital asset of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was the first-ever currency launched and the prices were really low at that time in 2009 as people had no idea about cryptocurrency. The fun part is there were clever people out there who actually understood the structure of bitcoin that it has the potential for the future. 

The price for bitcoin at that was $5 and the crazy part is there are few people who invested in bitcoin at this rate to generate high profits in the coming time. Bitcoin prices raised up with the time when different cryptocurrencies were mined by the people listed on the menu. In 2017 the bitcoin was raised up to $20,000 but if we look at bitcoin now in 2022 the prices are unbelievable it will completely blow your mind that the price right now is $60,000. This is some seriously shocking news, right? But it is never too late there are still a lot of opportunities in other cryptocurrencies which are just launched to generate good profits for you.

Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms in Trading Journey 

When cryptocurrency was first invented then there were only one or two platforms through which you can buy and sell your digital asset. The platforms were manual and hard to use at that time and people mostly lost their money in the starting. With the passage of time, people were making new platforms with new technology that can help both beginners and experienced traders. There are two types of platforms in the market most of them are a combination of two so you can say 2 in 1 like Yuan Pay Group

Manual and automatic platforms are in the market for trading although it is your choice and knowledge that which one is suitable for you. Auto trading platforms are the easiest for the beginners having no experience of trading and these auto platforms are the best source of income for them to just sit back and let the auto trading platform generates money on your behalf. On the other side the experienced traders do rely on manual trading platforms aswell the reason is that they know how to trade by their years of experience it is easy to analyze the market for them. 

Yuan Pay Group in Trading Journey 

In china the rules and regulation are real tight for cryptocurrency. Yuan pay group is one of the authorized broker of china. The government of china granted the special permission to the yuan pay group where you can legally buy and sell cryptocurrency. The government involvement in this matter is to make their paper currency in to digital and for this purpose the chinese government granted the access to few users only they can sell and buy.

 Yuan pay group is basically allowed to exchange fiat currencies with the china coin which basically an chinese cryptocurrency. The chinese yuan is soon changing in to digital yuan, the central banks of china are providing digital yuan to the banks where they can exchange yuan with the digital yuan with the same price of yuan. The banks has granted user their own digital wallet where they can hold their digital yuan and the QR code is provided to them. The QR code is used for purcahesed with the digital yuan by just a scan you make transaction anywhere. 

How Can You Start With Yuan Pay group

There are just few step you need to follow before you start trading with yuan pay group. Here are those steps which you need to follow.

Registration process

You do not have to go through a long process and days waiting for account sign up. All you need to go to the website of yuan pay group click the registration form and fill it with the required information such as your full name, email address and the country where you are the resident. Once you are done filling the form then submit it for verification and it will only take 5 minutes to verify you. The best part is the whole registration process is free of cost and yuan pay group do not charge any of the fee from you. 

Fund Your Account

After all the account setup process you are now required to fund your account with capital and that fund will make your place in the trading market. You need to deposit $250 as it is the minimum requirement of fund deposit. It is then up to you that how experienced you are to handle big investments.