A Complete Guide On How Workmans Comp Insurance Works in Florida

The state of Florida has long been associated with tourism and agriculture. Today, its economy stretches to include the construction, biomedicine, banking, healthcare, defense, and aerospace industries. With the mushrooming of more sectors, the state ensures the protection of employers and employees through the Florida Workers’ Compensation Act.

Passed in 1935, the Florida Workers’ Compensation Act addresses the need for industrial employment to encourage more industries to move and operate in Florida. Despite significant changes in the Florida Workers’ Compensation Act over the years, this law still requires that employers offer workers’ compensation for their employees in Florida.

Read on for details on how workmans comp insurance works in Florida.

Who Qualifies For The Workers Compensation Insurance In Florida?

The law in Florida requires employers to provide workers’ compensation if they have four or more employees. For construction businesses, workers’ compensation is mandatory as soon as you have one employee. Both full-time and part-time workers qualify for Workmans’ Comp in Florida.

How Workmans Comp works in Florida

Like in other states, workers’ compensation covers workplace injuries. If an employee sustains an injury while working, they should benefit from this compensation to cover their medical expenses. Workers’ compensation is also useful in replacing lost wages where the injured worker requires some time off due to work-related injury or illness.

Injuries Covered By Workers Compensation Insurance

The Florida Workers’ Compensation Act also stipulates the types of injuries the workers’ compensation insurance should cover. For an injury to qualify for workers’ compensation, it must meet the following terms:

  • The injury is not a result of intentional self-harm, fighting, or substance abuse
  • The injury resulted during work, within the scope and course of employment
  • Work worsened a pre-existing condition
  • The injury resulted from long-term occupational hazards such as chemical exposure or repetitive motion

Where To Source Workers Compensation For Your Business In Florida

If you need Workmans Comp in Florida, you can access a policy through a private insurance agent, broker, or company licensed by Florida Law. Proper research before settling for a policy is vital to get one that matches your needs.

What Will Happen If I Do Not Have Workers Compensation Insurance?

Given that having a Workman’s Comp is a necessity by law in Florida, you risk serious penalties for lacking one. Your business can be subjected to a stop work order, suspending all operations until you adhere to the law and pay all your fines. Failure to comply with the stop work order will attract criminal charges, which can result in a jail term. You can attract up to double the amount you would have paid in premiums as a penalty for the next two years, which is why a workers comp should be your business priority.

Get A Workers’ Compensation For Your Business

While your workplace may feel safe for your employees, certain conditions and incidences are beyond your control and could cause serious injury or illness. You can cater for such damages through workers’ compensation without disrupting your business.