A Candy Stop Tour of Europe

A Candy Stop Tour of Europe

If you?re serious about candy and chocolate, then Europe is the place to be. With so many countries offering top quality sweets and chocolate, it can be tricky picking one to visit. So, why not visit them all? Taking a candy stop tour of the best places for sweets in Europe would be a dream come true for almost any candy aficionado. So, without further ado, here is a dream list of European countries for indulging your sweet tooth!?


Home to some of the most famous chocolate in the world, the UK is a must-see for any candy enthusiast. Not only do you get to taste the Cadbury chocolate bars that are only distributed in the UK, but you can also pay a visit to Cadbury World in Birmingham. Visitors can get a glimpse of the behind the scenes action at the most famous chocolate factory in the world, there are also rides, chocolatier experiences and the world?s biggest Cadbury shop.

You don?t even have to feel bad about over-indulging as studies suggest that chocolate can actually help to improve your writing skills and boost your brain! But if you want to be really spoiled for choice, then a trip to the capital city is in order. London is home to a number of mouth-watering candy stores, each with its own unique appeal. From SugarSin Candy Store in Covent Garden to Spun Candy in Spitalfields, there are enough candy stores here to keep you occupied for days!?


Belgium is synonymous with good quality chocolate, so it’s no surprise that it’s on the list of places worth visiting in Europe! Some of the best chocolatiers in the world are located in this beautiful country, so make it a priority on your candy stop tour. One of the most prestigious chocolatiers, Wittamer, even designed and created the wedding cake for King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium.

There is more to Belgium than chocolate, however, it is also home to plenty of delicious sugary treats such as the Cuberdon, sweet candy with a soft jelly filling, butter crisps, and Napoleon Bonbons. Be sure to head to Antwerp to try the famous hand-shaped cookies and pick up some Pain ? la Grecque while you?re there.


Like Belgium, Austria is also very well known for its love of sugary treats. The art of chocolate making is taken very seriously in the capital of Vienna, with Lindt, Xocolat Manufactur and Zotter offering Willy Wonka style experiences in their stores.

Austria is also home to family-run Suesswaren Grasel makers of Toblerone, possibly the world’s most famous duty-free chocolate purchase. The same family also produces the Milka and Mirabell Mozart brands, firmly establishing them?as Austria?s sweetest export.

For fine chocolate, it doesn?t get better than Switzerland


Spain might not be the first place you think of when it comes to candy, but the country has a huge range of sweet treats ready for your delectation!

Churros are one of the most popular dishes in Spain and are perfect for those who love to indulge in warm sugary doughnuts and melted chocolate. You can grab this tasty snack from almost all cafes and restaurants along with pesti?os (sweet fritters) and Quesada (lemon cheesecake).

There are also a number of candy stores worth visiting, particularly in Barcelona, such as Frit-Ravich in the Gothic Quarter, Happy Pills on Rambla de Catalunya, and Chocolat Factory on Calle Amigo.?


Germany might not have invented chocolates and candies, but they sure are good at perfecting them! When it comes to annual chocolate consumption, the country ranks second only to Switzerland and there is a consistent demand for new and exciting flavors. Whether you?re looking for hard candies or fine quality chocolate, Germany has everything you could need and more.

The Candy Store in Munich is one of the best-rated places for candy, stocking everything from Reese?s bars to Twizzlers and Cadbury chocolate.?


Swiss chocolate has a reputation that stretches right around the globe, so it should be high on the bucket list for any candy fan. From the Cailler Chocolate Factory in Broc to the classic sweet shop Spr?ngli in Zurich, Switzerland is every candy lover?s dream.

Make sure you check out the Du Rh?ne Chocolatier in Geneva and don?t forget to pay a visit (or two!) to the Lindt shop to stock up on delicious treats.

So, now you have an idea of where the best places for candy and chocolate are in Europe, which country are you going to visit first?