8 Things Potential Home Buyers Notice when Touring a Home

One of the most important things in a person’s life is marrying and setting up a home for their family. 

People look for various factors while selecting their dream house and these days eco-friendly houses for sale in Sharjah are a trend. 

Some people even opt to move to a country with more benefits than their hometown. 

UAE is one of the most wonderful countries in the world for people who plan on moving to another country. 

The reasons behind it are that they are improving the living standards of their residents, day by day. This is done by researching and implementing modern living techniques that are good for the people and the environment simultaneously. 

Recently villas in Sharjah have been in high demand because of their modern and sustainable designs. Dubai has recently made some real estate policies that have had a drastic impact on the growth of the real estate market.

UAE – The Ideal Place for a Dream Home 

The UAE property market has recovered remarkably from the economic crisis induced by the pandemic. Property valuations have skyrocketed in Dubai as sales have been the highest in twelve years. 

Be it a condo in Dubai or a modern villa in Sharjah; there is a wide variety of things you must consider before buying your dream house. 

Every detail matters, the location, the environment, the facilities, security, serenity, and sustainability; everything must be checked. 

We have listed some vital things you must look for before buying your dream house in Sharjah or Dubai.


The first thing you must consider is the location of the house, how accessible it is, and the environment there. A clean environment will lead you to a healthy and wealthy life. 

Your home must be in a location from where you can easily commute to your work or school. It is vital that you choose the ideal place as you can change most aspects of your house, but not its location.


Living in a sustainable city is far more beneficial than living in a normal housing society. There are many major reasons behind stress-free living; noise and traffic reduction will make your lifestyle peaceful. 

Sustainable cities are less polluted, making you safe from asthma, chronic coughs, and cancers that are caused by environmental pollution. 

Go green-based housing societies are more in demand as people are more aware of the effects of standard living on the environment. Therefore, properties in such cities are more valuable. 

Sustainable cities also have better rainwater management, recycling most of it. Bills are less as energy is produced by renewable sources, making them cost-efficient.


Obviously, you must select a home that falls within your budget. Additionally, the mortgage payment should be one you can afford each month. Because of this, the price of the home is typically a deal-breaker for buyers. 

Even on a low budget, you can get a decent house if you look thoroughly at the market. However, it is better if you spend high while choosing a place as it will be beneficial in the long run. 

You should be prepared to negotiate in a highly competitive market where bidding wars are frequent, and homes are claimed within days or even hours. 

However, only spend what you can actually afford. Do not go into buying something fancy just because you like the feel of it. Ensure that everything is in your budget. 

Style and Size

While choosing the size of your dream house, keep in mind the future growth of your family. The style and size of your house must be according to your needs, as you are to live a lifetime there. 

It’s okay if you get a decent villa or a condo that is relatively simple in look, as you can customize it according to your needs in the future. 

You will be surprised to know that through modern civil engineering techniques, houses made on small size land can be made spacious, modern, and beautiful. The ideal house has the right balance between residential areas and outdoor greenery.

Number Of Rooms

Families tend to have different preferences for the number of rooms they want in a house. Most individuals would desire at least two bedrooms, for instance, and the number rises if the family includes children. It is also good to have a guest room if you frequently receive guests.

Clients also usually search for extra bathrooms, while older houses may only have one. Extra rooms are frequently used as a home office, store, playroom for children, or gym. An additional room is a great option for several activities needing workspace and supply storage. 

Kitchen Layout

The kitchen appears to be the center of the house. It is the hub of entertainment and activity, particularly when visitors arrive and generally spend time with the family. Thus, its size and arrangement are crucial.

A small kitchen is acceptable if a single person handles all the cooking in a small family. But if there are parents who are teaching their kids cooking, they may prefer more room. 


The elements of the home’s inside and exterior, such as the type of flooring and the caliber of the kitchen appliances, as well as the fixtures for lighting, bathroom finishes, and backyard amenities, are very important. 

Try to concentrate on pricey features that would be challenging to implement after purchasing. On the other hand, you shouldn’t base your decision to buy a home only on features that can be quickly updated or replaced.

Quality of Schools 

You should consider the local school district before buying a home if you have plans to start or expand your family. Every parent desires their youngster to attend a top-rated institution in a top-notch district. 

Zoom in on test results and other criteria displayed to give you a better idea of the quality of education and experience your child can anticipate in the public and private schools in your selected neighborhood. 

Visit each of the schools your kid might attend in person. If you can, arrange to meet with instructors and administrators to discuss the curriculum and ask questions.


There are many things you must look out for while buying your dream house, some of which are listed above. Housing demands matter from person to person; therefore, you must choose wisely. 

Take your time exploring all options, compare them, and select the most suitable choice. Remember that you get to choose to buy your dream house once in a while. So it is important that you weigh all the options before deciding anything.