5 Creative Writing Assignment Ideas for Students

While you might think that creative writing is a simple and fun process, it’s not a walk in the park. Coming up with amazing ideas is different from putting them into action. When most students are given creative writing assignments, their minds tend to go blank. Regardless of whether you are a high school or college student, you will be required to write creative essays once in a while. To get good grades and achieve your academic goals, developing and improving your creative writing skills is the key to success. In this article, we are going to share with you five creative writing assignment ideas that will help you have an easy time when working on such projects.

Defining creative writing

This is a popular type of writing that covers a wide range of genres. Some of them go beyond the academic or technical writing world. It focuses on key elements such as narrative, character development, and plot. It also infuses story and imagination into the structure.

Different forms of creative writing

There are many forms of creative writing. And it can be accessed widely by all types of writers. Some students start venturing into this field in high school. While others join the program later in college. Some do it to get good grades and write the next bestseller. And others do it for pleasure. Regardless of your reason to write, getting assignment help will help you get ample time to explore this field. Some common forms of creative writing include:

  • Creative nonfiction – This class includes a wide range of writing techniques and styles that convey truthful narratives. The use of emotion and emphasis is important.
  • Graphic Novels – As the name suggests, this is a novel that narrates the entire story through illustrations. They usually offer a clear resolution that novel readers expect. When done effectively, it tends to be longer and more substantive.
  • Novels – There are a lot of genres in this category. They incorporate a wide range of styles, themes, and details that authors create to form worlds that feel real. Writing a fiction novel provides the writer with the freedom to come up with an original story that is filled with fictional and relatable characters. The average length of a novel is around fifty to seventy thousand words.
  • Plays – Playwriting is another famous category of plays. This is where actors perform in front of a live audience. It usually consists of several acts. Due to constraints on effects, space, and capabilities, plays have to be creative to tell an immersive and complete story.
  • Short stories – This is a creative writing technique that ranges anywhere from 1000 to 10000 words. It is usually read in a day or a single sitting, unlike a novel which can take days, weeks, or months.  

5 Creative Writing Assignment Ideas

If you aren’t sure about your creative writing skills, these five tips will help you feel comfortable with your assignment and get good grades:

  1. Read regularly

To improve your writing skills, you have to read regularly. You can start by reading story books, short novels, or even the works of a creative friend. Today, you can easily access the blog posts of creative people and take some ideas that you can use in your assignments. As you read, pay close attention to your story to grasp the writer’s thoughts and emotions. If you come across new vocabulary, write them down in your diary and look up its meaning in your dictionary.

  1. Tell a story again

Another simple and effective way to improve your creative writing skills is by rewriting a story. While this might sound surprising, it can boost your creativity because it involves paraphrasing and using your own words. All you have to do is find a story that interests you and rewrite it according to your vision and understanding. Don’t just use different characters but also different angles of the plot.

  1. Keep a journal

When you keep a journal, there will be no limit to your creativity. Whenever something exciting, boring or heartbreaking happens to you, record it in your journal. Since there are no restrictions on what you can record, you will boost your creativity. For this tip to work effectively, ensure that you record something in your journal every day. Doing this activity consistently will greatly improve your creativity in the long run.

  1. Use prompts

One of the best ways to improve your creativity is by practicing constantly. You don’t have to wait until your professor requires you to write a piece. There are a lot of creative prompts and ideas that you can easily access online regardless of whether you are in high school or college.

  1. Play creative games

After a long day in school, you can wind up by playing creative games. Instead of chatting with your friends or going to a party, you can use your time to play games that enhance your creativity. This activity will not only refresh your mind but also improve your creativity in the long run.


Writing is a broad field with many categories. Among them is creative writing. Whether you are a high school or college student, you can easily get good grades and even publish a bestseller by using the five tips that we’ve discussed in this article.