Chocolate party updates!

Remember that chocolate party I was so excited about? I’m finally ready to start posting about it! I have 13 bars to get through, plus one round-up comparison. I thought about going back to daily posts for the next 3 weeks, but then I decided against it because I figured y’all would get bored of nothing but chocolate bar reviews.

Instead, they shall come sporadically. Hopefully I will be able to remember to tag them all with “chocolate party”. Be on the lookout for Dagoba Week (6 bars), as well as reviews of Theo 3400 Phinney (3 bars), Endangered Species (1 bar), Choxie (1 bar), Hebert’s (2 bars at the party, plus 2 more bars that I just bought), and my highly scientific ratings summary (I had my friends “blindly” taste the bars).


Giant Smarties!

I’ve seen these giant Smarties (BUY!) (not to be confused with Nestle’s Giant Smarties; outside the US, Smarties are an M&M-like sugar coated candy made by Nestle) in Walgreen’s candy aisle for a while now and finally decided to buy a roll.

I adore Smarties (BUY!), even if they don’t taste like much. These giant Smarties are basically larger versions of normal sized Smarties. Cybele on Candy Blog has a nice photo showing the size comparison, though I’m a little confused as to whether her Mega Smarties are the same as my giant Smarties (check out comment #12). Mine were also quarter-sized, so maybe I bought Mega Smarties?

The giant (Mega?) Smarties taste just like normal Smarties – the same sweet, lightly fruity and tart taste of compressed sugar. Yum! In the large version, the flavor differences are really noticeable because there’s so much more Smartie. I liked being able to really taste the flavor, but I think the Smartie was too big, and too much Smartie in one take. For some reason, the big ones didn’t come in white like normal Smarties do. Not that I could tell what flavor white Smarties are.

Like Cybele, I wished that the giant Smarties were more crumbly. Normal Smarties shed chalky power everywhere, and they quickly crunched up into dust. The giant Smarties are crunchier and sturdier and break into harder, grittier bits rather than that nice, soft dust. They’re not as hard as SweeTarts, but they’re getting there.

An O for the giant Smarties. Fun to try once, and visually entertaining, but I prefer the smaller version. The giant Smarties are texturally not as appealing, and they disappear too quickly because of their large size. Normal Smarties forced you to pace yourself.

New Header!

As you can see, I now have an adorable header image for ZOMG! Candy courtesy of my artistically talented friend Helen. Because monsters like candy too.

If anyone knows if it’s possible for me to append her name to the footer to permanently credit her for her wonderful work, please let me know! She deserves it.