What I got for Christmas…

Was exactly what I wanted because my mother had me pick things out. A wonderful gift of an assortment of mini-Vosges bars and two truffles, both of which are too expensive for me to indulge in myself ($24 for the assorted mini-bars and $5.25 for the two truffles).

I misremembered the Strip hotel where the Vosges boutique was as MGM Grand when it was, in fact, Caesar’s Palace, which was about a half hour’s walk away. Also, if you’ve never been there, Caesar’s Palace is huge, and the Vosges boutique turned out to be in the Forum Shops area, which was, of course, in the building furthest from where we came from. And it’s location in the Forum Shops was also as far away from where we came from as possible.

But my wonderful mother let me drag her all the way down the strip and back up again, powerwalking the whole time (we had a show to catch at NY/NY, which happened to be across from the MGM Grand), just so I could visit a little chocolate shop. And then she bought me expensive chocolate from that chocolate shop. Aren’t mothers wonderful?

I can’t wait to taste these!