Air Purifier

10 Tips for Using an Air Purifier | Simple & Easy

Ventilation of your indoors require passing of air from outside. The problem here is that outside air consists of many pollutants including chemicals, gas, pollen, and dander and dust particles. These pollutants contaminate the inside air and can cause serious environmental health issues. If anyone is suffering from asthma, pet allergy, air-borne allergy or any other issue, then the polluted air can be dangerous for their health. Hence, it is important toget an air purifier for dust in the air around you for a safe and better living. An air purifier is a perfect solution for these problems. Particles as small as 1/3 of a micron can be eliminated from the air purifier.

A vast variety of air purifiers are available in the market with extra-ordinary features. But a device should be used properly to gain all of its benefits. Here, we are going to discuss 10 tips for using an air purifier to yield the best results.

  1. Choose the perfect location

Air purifier comes in a variety of sizes, designs and shapes. Some of them have the front air intakes, some have side whereas few of them have on the top. So, place it according to the place the purifier in the place from where it can collect the air easily. Leave space from all the four sides and top so that air can enter easily. Choose the size according to space in the room.

  1. Keep on a flat surface

Some of the air purifiers come with stands but all of them do not. In case it has a stand, it should be placed on a flat surface such as a table, dresser, floor etc. so that it may stay stable. Also, if there is no stand that it is compulsory to keep on such flat surfaces for better results. It provides better performance stability.

  1. Clean filters frequently

The air purifiers consist of multiple filters. There is a pre-filter that traps the larger dust particles whereas the other filters then deal with the small particles. So, the pre-filters get dirtier easily. The air purifier cannot work properly in the presence of a large amount of dust in filters. You should clean them at least once a week. A blower or vacuum cleaner can be used to clean these dust particles.

  1. Change filters

The most important part of an air purifier is its filters, as they eliminate the pollutants. Filters can be cleaned regularly but their durability has a limit. Usually, one filter lasts for a year. But after a year you might need to change them. This depends on the dust or contaminants that are faced by the filters.

  1. Close the doors and windows

Although air purifier is present in the room for better atmosphere proper ventilation is still necessary and proper oxygen is also required. So, open the door and windows, but do not open them for a long time so that too much air could not enter the room. This can cause a lot of impurities in the room and then the air purifier may face difficulty in removing all of them.

  1. Leave 20cm free space around

If you want that your air purifier works properly, then leave at least 20 cm space around it from all the sides. Keep it away from walls and other heavy objects. Place no solid objects so that air may not be blocked and purified easily.

  1. Flow in the right direction

At first, it is important to clean the space where you sit, then go for the other spaces. If you are using the air purifier in a large room, then keep it near your sitting place because it cannot reach the air of the entire room. Whereas you can place it anywhere in a small room.

  1. Keep dust sensors clean

There is a built-in dust sensor in some air purifiers that detect the dust level of the inside air. After detecting the dust, they regulate the speed of the fan according to it. So, pollutants and dust also get stuck on the dust sensors. It is recommended to clean it once in a month but clean it carefully as any damage can cause its malfunctioning.

  1. Don?t turn it off

It is recommended to keep the air purifier on for 24 hours. There are multiple speeds of the fan including slow, medium and fast. Low speed saves a lot of energy. When the air purifier will be running throughout the day, the air will remain clean with minimum dust.

  1. Sleep mode function

Some air purifiers have a sleep mode function. It is recommended to adjust the run time of the air purifier according to your sleep time so that it might not disturb you while sleeping.

When selecting the best air purifier for bedrooms, make sure to read air purifier reviews to find a model that not only suits the size of your bedroom but also ensures a peaceful and clean night’s sleep.”