Yume Blush giveaway

August 9th, 2012 by Rosa

Today’s giveaway is a little different. It smells like candy, sort of looks like candy, is inspired by candy, and is even edible! But it’s not candy…

Though it may look like chocolate mousse, it’s actually a chocolate-raspberry flavored edible body butter/massage oil/lip treatment from the folks at Yume Blush. I got a free sample to do a news post and giveaway on.

It smells just like a fruity chocolate truffle and has the texture of a fluffy chocolate mousse, so I’d be careful leaving these out around kids, as they may mistake them for dessert. Apparently they are edible, but I don’t think that means you should be eating them…

Yume Blush is letting me give away one free sample of their product to a lucky reader. You can pick one of their pre-existing flavors or combine two to make your own scented treat.

To enter, leave a comment about the weirdest non-food (or food) item that you or your child has accidentally (or not so accidentally) ingested. I’ll randomly select one commenter to win. Make sure you leave a valid email in the address field (seen only by me) so that I can contact you if you are my lucky winner. US readers only, please, and contest closes at 11:59 PM EST, Wednesday, August 15th. Good luck!

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8 responses about “Yume Blush giveaway”

  1. Jen said:

    My first tooth while eating an apple when I was a kid (four score and seven years ago). Funny thing is that my son ate his first tooth eating a slice of pizza. Must be a family-thing 🙂

  2. Caley said:

    It wasn’t my kid, but a kid I babysat loved cucumbers and also honeydew, and he ate…yep, Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon lotion. He said it was delicious. :{

  3. Amy said:

    My kid ate a cricket the other night. I guess some people eat them, but I think they’re usually cooked. His wasn’t.

  4. adriana said:

    Durring my student teaching, a kid I was teaching ate the eraser from his pencil….. I don’t know.

  5. Becky said:

    My brother and I once mistook a big batch of homemade play-dough for bread dough instead and took big bites of it! I still remember that salty taste!

  6. Kelly said:

    My brother and I ate our baby sitter’s banana Chapstick when we were kids, and it was no accident. We thought it smelled and tasted like candy, therefore it must be candy!

  7. Keya Millionie said:

    When I was a kid I got into some flavored lubricant I found in a drawer and ate it. Safe to say my parents were mortified.

  8. Allison Barnard said:

    When I was in kindergarten, I ate the larger part of a Bearenstein Bears novel. I was REALLY into books.