Ask Trader Joe’s to Bring Back Black Cocoa Almonds!

October 12th, 2010 by Rosa

I’ve gotten quite a few comments lamenting the loss of Trader Joe’s Black Cocoa Almonds since I posted my rave review. I wish they were still available too!

MK suggested that writing in to corporate could be enough to make them reconsider their decision to discontinue these.

Here’s their online contact form for General Feedback. Drop them a quick note and tell them how you feel!

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4 responses about “Ask Trader Joe’s to Bring Back Black Cocoa Almonds!”

  1. cybele said:

    Wha? I just saw them at the store last weekend!

  2. teresa edmonds said:

    Please, please bring back the black chocolate almonds! My christmas presents for all my freinds and family! I need them now!

  3. Nicole Grimes said:

    Please bring back the black cocoa almonds!!! Those were the best chocolate treat trader joes carried. I didn’t feel guilty eating those since it’s made with dark chocolate and almonds the perfect combination.

  4. Jen said:

    I miss these so much! They are my favorite afternoon pick-me-up. I wrote corporate some time ago and was told that they have no plans to bring them back and that the sales were too slow. I don’t see how this can be since my TJs was always running out! Local store said they have had lots of complaints about them being discontinued.

    I am now looking for a comparable candy- anyone found one this good? I tried the Emerald cocoa dusted almonds and they are waaaay too sweet.