Majani Gran Cru Tasting Squares

I bought these Majani Gran Cru single-origin tasting squares while I was in Italy. I can’t read Italian, but I can puzzle out that they’re made in Bologna.

It’s been several months since I bought these, so they had developed a light bloom, but they still tasted just fine.

They come in 3 cacao percentages and from 3 origins. The squares are super thin and stamped with the Majani logo.

Belize was a 65% with a dry snap. It has notes of coffee and tobacco, with a bitter finish. While it was nice, I found it too earthy and woodsy for my taste, and it was my least favorite of the bunch. An O.

Ecuador was a 70% with another dry snap. It tasted fruity, with strong notes of raisin and strong cinnamon flavors. An OM.

Sur del Lago was a 75%. It was my favorite of the trio. It had a complex savory flavor that reminded me of custard and red fruits. An OMG. I love complex chocolates that leave me puzzling out their flavors!

Italy isn’t known for its chocolate as some other European countries are, but these bars show that they’re just as worthy of renown. If only they weren’t so expensive and not readily available in the states!