Majani Cioccolato Squares

I bought these Majani Cioccolato squares along with their single-origin tasting squares.

Like the tasting squares, I unwrapped and tasted them several months after I bought them. The milk ones looked just fine. The dark chocolate ones had developed a light bloom, but, as with the single-origin squares, they still tasted just great.

The milk chocolates were wrapped in gold and came in Gianduja and Latte. The dark chocolates were wrapped in a deep brown and came in Fondente and Fondente 70%.

Each piece was a thick, nearly cubic square and came stamped with the Majani logo.

We’ll start off with the most basic, which was Latte (milk). It was a solid chunk of creamy, thick milk chocolate. It reminded me of Cadbury Dairy Milk, but with a tad less dairy and a lot more caramel.

Gianduja was a hazelnut/milk praline. It, too, was solid, but its mouthfeel was airier, creamier, and fattier. It tasted fruity, with notes of wine, with a nice hazel-nuttiness.

With the dark chocolates, the thick, solid cubes of chocolate were much stiffer and harder to eat. I worried that I’d broken my front teeth trying to chomp through the Fondente. It was a very fruity dark chocolate with a nice cocoa finish.

The Fondente 70% had a grainy crumbly break, as if fat grains of sugar were mixed in with the chocolate. It had deep cocoa notes with a plain sweetness and a light fruitiness right before its slightly astringent finish.

After I finished it and checked on the wrapper, I noticed the label, “con zucchero di canna”, which I believe means with cane sugar. That explains the graininess!

The Fondente 70% was my favorite, an OMG. The others get OMs and further lamenting that they’re not easily found in the U.S.