Trader Joe’s Black Cocoa Almonds

I’ve never been shy about proclaiming my love for Trader Joe’s nor lamenting Rochester’s lack of one. These Trader Joe’s Black Cocoa Almonds only underscore those points.

They’re described as “fresh California almonds dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in black cocoa.” They’re beautifully dark and smooth and matte, like velvet pebbles.

They’re covered in a Dutched cocoa powder that’s so dark that it’s nearly black (hence the name). It’s also flavorless on its own.

The dark chocolate coating is nicely mellow – sweet with notes of raisin and a cool finish that really lets the nut come through. The melt is thick and smooth with a muted cocoa essence.

The nut inside was nice and crunchy. I would’ve preferred it with a tad more roastiness, but all in all, it served as a great foil of texture and flavor for the chocolate coating.

They reminded me of Charles Chocolates Triple Chocolate Almonds but far cheaper (though not as nicely packaged). Trader Joe’s version was also crazy addictive. A ZOMG!

Update: These were discontinued right around when my review posted. I’m attempting to rally people to ask Trader Joe’s to bring them back, since so many of y’all seem to miss them as I do. Take ten seconds and drop them a quick line!

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  1. I share your lack of TJ woes, the nearest one is 1.5 hours from me. Next time I make a trip in though, these are on the list.

    I know they’re not in the same league, but have you tried emerald cocoa roasted almonds?

  2. Oh my God those look amazing. And my nearest Trader Joe’s is a mere 470 miles away. Ahh the baren wasteland that is Florida.

  3. I went to Trader Joe’s in Phoenix this past weekend to buy these exact nuts and was told that they were discontinued. Does that mean every Trader Joe’s discontinued them or just the one I was in? Very sad to go home without them.

  4. YUP..Just found out 2 minutes ago by a sales clerk that they are discontinued. Just went to TWO stores in Ca and they are GONE!

    SOOooooo MAD!

  5. Does this mean they’re going to bring back the original TJ’s cocoa almonds?? Those are way better than the black cocoa almonds. None of the store employees I talked to (at several stores) could figure out why they discontinued the original kind when so many people preferred them to the black ones. I’m very happy if the original ones are coming back. I had lost my main reason to visit TJs!

  6. I was so bummed these were discontinued, but the salesperson I spoke to said that if management gets enough complaints online they will reconsider their stocking decisions. So it can’t hurt to shoot them a quick email on the website!

    Here’s hopin…

  7. of all the treats to discontinue, i can’t believe black almonds are the choice! all other chocolate and otherwise flavored nuts have oils and additives that make them less nutritious than those delectable nuggets called Black cocoa Almonds.

    please bring them back! or at the very least, there must be a way to order them directly from whoever manufactures them. how do I that?

    please help, they are a favorite in our household.

    also hoping,
    Julie Everson

  8. oh, and to Lisa from sept. 7, I’ve never had the original TJ almonds, but like you, the Black Cocoa Almonds were my main reason to visit Trader Joe’s. so, far you are in the minority, Lisa.

    buyers for trader joes, please bring them back!

  9. Yes, my sister and I are also sad you have discontinued the cocoa almonds. Just when I was getting to like them they go away. Got some of the chocoolate covered ones but they are not nearly as good. Please bring them back.

    Glenn in

  10. I am also making a plea to Trader Joe’s to bring back the black cocoa almonds. They are fabulous, and I have many friends and family members that love them too!Please bring them back to your stores!!

    Kathleen Marshack
    San Diego, CA

  11. Please bring back the black cocoa almonds..i love them!! I went recently to trader joes just because i was craving them and i found out they were no longer selling them!! I was so disappointed!! Bring them back they are delicious!!

  12. My wife and I LOVE the Black Cocoa Almonds, and now we have one of her friends addicted to them, too so you NEED to bring them back. If you do, we promise we’ll let our other friends try them, too!

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