YouTube’s New Feature For Providing Corrections To Uploaded Videos

Providing the best quality video content is crucial for pitching music on Youtube. YouTube launched “Corrections,” a feature that allows creators to correct uploaded videos on the platform. Previously, users couldn’t add corrections to available videos on the platform. Creators edit published videos on YouTube by removing them from the channel. Then, add the corrections and republish them.

The old method of editing uploaded videos on YouTube has disadvantages. The process results in loss of comments, watch time, and engagement metrics. Creators on the platform found a way to resolve these issues. They either include written text in the edited video’s description or respond to comments to rectify errors in uploaded videos.

Unfortunately, this correction method won’t be helpful if the viewer doesn’t scroll down the uploaded video page. If the video is available on other sites, viewers won’t be able to see the correction included on YouTube. “Corrections,” the new feature, resolves these problems. It allows editing of published videos even while they are being watched. Besides, the added clarifications will become visible instantly in the videos.

Functioning of the new feature

The video correction feature involves the old and new editing methods. The creators still address the errors and give corrections in the uploaded video’s description section. The launched editing feature draws the audience’s attention to the included corrections as they watch the video. Consequently, the creators can warn viewers when a certain portion of content in a video has an error.

Then, they can draw viewers’ attention to the added corrections in the video’s description. If you have added corrections to uploaded content, a card would appear at the particular moment with the error. The appearance of the info card notifies viewers of added corrections to the uploaded video.

Despite the number of corrections made, the notification pops up at the first correction’s timestamp. However, clicking on it allows you to view the added text clarifications. Though it isn’t a perfect editing feature, it makes the corrections noticeable to the viewers. Consequently, they will pay attention to the errors the creator addresses and take note of the correct information provided.

Saves time when adding corrections to uploaded videos

YouTube creators don’t have to recreate and republish videos on the platforms when they want to make changes to published content. With the “Corrections” feature, they can rectify errors like typos and add an update to uploaded videos. Info cards indicate the added information in the edited video’s description.

Addition of corrections to your published YouTube videos

You can address an error or update the content of your video uploaded on YouTube through the following steps:

  • Include “Corrections” or “Correction” depending on the number
  • Give details of the clarifications
  • Include the error’s timestamp

An info card with “View Corrections” will appear as viewers watch the video. Unfortunately, this notification will not appear if the added content seems inappropriate to the audience. Adding the “Corrections” is similar to the manual addition of video chapters. The corrections should be after the video chapters when you use both features for a video.

The YouTube “Corrections” feature is a welcomed development. Viewers won’t miss updates or corrections after seeing the info card teaser.