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Why you should personalize your email marketing templates

In the current era, every buyer expects companies to know what they want and who they are. And in order to fulfil such proliferating expectations from the customers, companies will need to abandon their one-size-fits-all approach and make a paradigm shift to personalization. Although there are many mediums that you will need to personalize, the communication medium that tops the list of priorities when it comes to personalization is email. Keep reading to find why you should personalize your email marketing templates.

It has become crucial for each and every type of brand to personalize your email marketing templates and if you don?t, then it will be like keeping a plant in a box and expecting it to grow. In order to make your email marketing strategy work in favour of your company, you will need to be more targeted and relevant and it can only be achieved through personalization.

Personalizing email templates has also become important because, in the modern era, people want to be seen as individuals, not just as a target market. By building a one-on-one connection with the customer with personalized email marketing templates, you will surely be able to step up to the plate and streamline your email marketing efforts built on the email marketing database.

What stats indicate about personalized sales email?

Following are some of the important stats that will make you realize the value and importance of personalized sales emails based on the email marketing database:-

  • According to Accenture, there are more than 91% customers who feel that they are more likely to shop with a brand that gives offers, discounts and recommendations that are relevant, not generic.?
  • More than 42% of the consumers get annoyed when they get a message that is completely irrelevant.?
  • The open rate of personalized emails is 18.8% while the open rate of non-personalized emails is only 13.1%.

Personalized sales email in bulk- the possibility?

By segmenting the email lists for sale into different groups, you will be able to come with unique email campaigns that will deliver the exact content, information, and offers that the recipient is looking for. Along with this, you can also use merge tags in order to use the pristine name of the subscriber in both the subject line and the body copy.

In order to begin on the right foot, you will need to choose an email service provider that will allow you to segment your subscribers into different groups. You can segment your email lists for sale on the basis of gender, age, sex, the device uses, demographic, and interest.

You can also take the help of dynamic content that will help you to personalize a section of the campaign on the basis of the type of recipient it is being sent to.


  • Higher conversion rate– Personalized emails have a higher conversion rate than regular emails and that?s why they are more effective. Personalized emails have a? higher conversion rate than regular emails. It?s a no brainer that if you will give what your customers want then they will be more interested in your emails.
  • Low unsubscribing rate- Unsubscribing rate is very low in personalized emails. No one wants to see irrelevant content and no one wishes to miss relevant content. This simple rule makes personalized emails a hero of the email marketing campaign.
  • Better customer retention rate- Personalized emails with quality email lists for sale can have a positive effect on your customer retention rate as well. By using personalized emails, you will be able to keep offers fresh and relevant because sending scuba diving offer to a 6 months pregnant lady will never work for you.
  • Build trust– The most important part that your traditional email misses is trusted and this is where personalized emails with quality email lists for sale can help you. You can easily build trust with customers through personalized emails, especially when you are selling high priced services or products.

Where to use personalization in a sales email?

Here are some of the sections of a sales email built on email marketing lists where you can use personalization:-

  • Prospect? name– Addressing the recipient by his or her original name is the most basic level of personalization but still, it is crucial.
  • Visual representation- You can also personalize a sales email by including relevant videos or images because visual information rarely goes unnoticed.
  • Trigger events- Take advantage of the trigger event (changes that lead to disruption that creates an opportunity) and personalize content accordingly.
  • Buyer persona- A better way to hyper-personalize your email is to design it around the buyer persona.
  • Prospect?s interest- If you will be able to personalize your email content based on the recipient?s interest then you will be able to achieve a 100% response rate.

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